Thursday, February 14, 2008

Daisuki! That is the only word I need to use to talk about Kobe Fugetsudo cookies & pastries. Authentic and pure flavors of Japan are transported here to the U.S. Like most Asian items, they have the CUTEST packaging ever! Today alone, I had to buy the new Hello Kitty tin set and a traditional marriage tin. I don't even like the cookies inside the Hello Kitty tin! That is how cute their packaging is!
My favorite cookies are the L'espoir and the Desserts Choisis box sets. The pure sweetness and wonderful crisp texture of L'espoir just brings a smile to my face. There is a subtle flavor that emanates from the delectable cookie. I love the box sets of cookies they have too. The Desserts Choisis is one of my favorite sets, but they seem to alternate in flavor depending on the season. I also love the tin it comes in. Everything there looks so sophisticated and elegant! Fair warning, things are NOT cheap there but well worth the money!
I love their Pirouettes, both original and chocolate dipped. Each are individually packaged beautifully and then packaged again nicely in a tin. The cookies I do not like are the Gaufres, but do not take it the wrong way. They are just not my type of cookies, maybe because of the thin layer of cream. A lot of people love this cookie and I can understand why, but it is just not for me. Any time I see the name Kobe Fugetsudo I am sold! They are not just beautifully made, but each are delicately put together to delight the palette!
If you are ever in Costa Mesa, you should definitely stop by the Mitsuwa there to check out the splendid layout of Kobe Fugetsudo. What better time to go then this weekend! The Mitsuwa is having their Legendary Ramen Festival, and what better to finish off the meal than with expertly crafted treasures from Japan! I will definitely be there this weekend, but I am going to try to avoid that counter because I can rever resist buying more and more from them!

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