Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Cheers! I love this place that Mama Panda introduced! Since I don't use any real names, might as well use their cute nicknames! It is tucked away in a shopping center on the way to where I use to work. You wouldn't think there would be decent sushi in the boonies of Ladera Ranch, but you'd be surprised here. They have a pretty good lunch deal. I haven't been there for dinner but it is only like $2 or $3 more so it isn't that bad.
Warning to all, do NOT order their LAME Sashimi or Sushi lunch combos! I was dumb and tried that the first time, man was I jipped! You only get 5 lame pieces for like $11, but if you get the yummy Chirashi you get tons more! For about the same price you get almost 10 cuts of different fishes and they are great! I actually really LOVE their mayonnaise and crab! They make it so tasty, and you know I am an avid raw fish eater so it must be good for me to like the cooked/fake stuff. Mix it with the yummy Masago in the Chirashi and it is like a party in your mouth!
I also tried their special hand roll in soy paper. It was pretty good, full of spicy raw fish and avocado. For the price, I'd rather order another Chirashi! More yummy food! Can you tell I love the Chirashi there? ^_^
All in all it is a great lunch place and the prices are decent. The service often varies. Warning, they are kind of slow. Their Chirashi is wonderful and their normal lunch menu is good. Nothing outstanding or different. They range around $6-$8 so not a bad price and a decent amount of food. If you are a sushi lover then definitely try the Chirashi and don't fall for the Sashimi or Sushi Combo! They also do togo, so you can always swing by and pick one up!


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