Saturday, February 16, 2008

My silly friend wanted to go up to LA on V-day, but the traffic was HORRENDOUS! So we did the smartest thing, stay where we were. I thought she would get a kick out of this place because it always has good food and is a fun experience. Luckily she really enjoyed the place. This time I got to sit in front of the grill so there are a lot more pictures. The guy grilling was actually cute.
I ordered the same things I did the first time, check the previous post. They had a special Roast Beef for V-day that was awesome. It was a heavenly mixture of sweet and tangy. The sauce was so good that I ate all the vegetables that came with it! You know how allergic I am to vegetables. O=) My friend ordered the Satsuma Gokoro, fried sweet potato in butter. She liked it, but the butter was overpowering. I decided to try the Jidokara, crispy fried chicken. It was very plain so I spiced it up with my beloved Yuzu. The robata, yakitori skewers, were awesome as usual! I tried the Rib Eye but it really didn't have any flavor. We also decided to share the Crab Croquette. I didn't expect the inside to be a curry mixture. It was decent, but I wouldn't order it again. I'd stick with their regular grilled menu.
All in all I still love this place. Yummy food at a reasonable price. Sitting there and absorbing the experience always brings a smile to my face. I may go deaf sitting there because they often yell greetings and appreciative phrases. It was definitely a fun night. What better way to celebrate V-day then having a nice meal with a good friend! Of course we went out for crepes afterwards to finish the night off.


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