Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It's a little late, but better late than never. I think this is my favorite Korean B.B.Q. in Garden Grove. They have a lot of small dishes that are pretty good. I love that they have JapChae for a side dish occasionally.
The service is pretty good overall. Their all you can eat is $16.99 and bring everything to your table. They don't have as many choices but I have begun to like the non-marinated meat here a lot more. For the table they first bring out all the small dishes. There is a small black pot at the table that is the marinade for the pork belly. They also give you a Jjigae and Egg Pot.
First round they will bring you all the meats. A huge plate of Non-Marinated Brisket with Pork Belly and a dish of marinated meats. This includes Teriyaki Chicken, Bulgogi, Spicy Pork, and a huge White Onion. I like to smother the grill with the onion first to add flavor, but they immediately dump the brisket onto the grill so I do it afterwards. They have two dipping sauces at the table, the typical spicy sauce and jalapeño sweet soy sauce. I always have to have my salt & pepper with sesame oil, bean paste, and fresh garlic.
The first time I came here, I made the mistake of ordering Cold Noodle. It was good but you shouldn't order anything else when you paid the all you can eat. I took it home and it was gross after a few hours. If you went there and just order the cold noodle that would be a meal in itself. Of course that will never happen when there is all you can eat! Who can resist!
All in all the food is really good and I go back quite often. It is simplistic and delicious. Even though they don't have Kalbi, I am satisfied with my non-marinated brisket! The price is also good for dinner, I really don't like the pay for each plate of meat. You pay a lot more for better quality meat, but can you really tell the difference? This is one of the RARE times I choose quantity over quality, since it isn't even that noticeable!


Ms. Lin said...

Drool... I'm craving Korean food now!

Anonymous said...

the best bbq in OC.

Anonymous said...

This place is the best to go to when high off weed, all the meat you can eat and need, knock you off your feet i go there and leech off the kim chi while the ladies yell at me.

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