Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Pulled from Irvins' website

So what's the hottest trend in Asia these days?  Apparently salted egg has made a huge come back! Ms. Lin Guide has brought a plethora of snacks from Taiwan and Singapore all consisting of salted egg.  It has always been a popular item with Asians but in the past year or so it's now in every snack possible.  Even the sweet ones! Lol
I personally detest most egg items, especially salted egg in my moon cake and the likes.  So when Ms. Lin Guide decided to fly just to Singapore for a snack made with salted eggs, I thought she was crazy.  Well crazier than normal lol 😇.  She was also inspired by the movie Crazy Rich Asians, but later she admits it was really for the snacks.  She absolutely looooves the Irvins Salted Egg Fish Skins!
Apparently they were so sought after that you are limited on how much you can buy in store as they couldn't produce enough to keep up with demand! In preparation for this, Ms. Lin Guide went prepared and ordered online to make sure she can buy enough to bring back to last a good while.  They offer the salted egg on a variety of items.  She brought us the original fish skins, potato chips, and spicy fish skins.  It was a savory taste buffet at home! Lol

Everything was so crisp and fresh.  Even the bags itself state that they are dangerously addicting! Once you start snacking, you just can't stop.  The scary part is how much cholesterol you ingest from just one bag! Warning to those with cholesterol problems! Lol  Usually I enjoy spicy food but the spicy fish skins were a bit much.  It's actually decently spicy but it over powers the flavor of the salted egg in my opinion.  The fish skins were delightfully crisp with tons of salted egg crumbles surrounding it.  I could sit and eat the original fish skins for a long while but not as long as I could eat the chips! Normally I'm all about meat or seafood, but the chips felt much lighter and were much dangerous because I could easily eat one or two bags in one sitting.  So dangerous! 

These snacks are actually quite pricey and not the easiest to get.  Good news, their popularity has started to spread worldwide.  They now have a store in Taiwan so Ms. Lin Guide can easily get them.  I took a quick look and they are available online from specialty sites, of course at a higher price.  Luckily I have my connections and an awesome Ms. Lin Guide to bring them back for me! 😉

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Pic pulled from Whisps' website

If you love cheese, you'll love Whisps Parmesan Crisps! Ever since I first found them in Costco, they have become one of my favorite items there! You could eat them as a snack or add them to any dish.  They would go great in salads to add texture or a hamburger and more.  Personally, I just eat them like you would with potato chips! They are made from real cheese so I'm going to 'consider' this one of the 'healthier' snacks lol.  I know I may be lying to myself a little, but I can't help but munch on these! Lol
They offer a wide variety of flavors.  I only know of the original because that all Costco sells but at the Fancy Food Show they finally had a booth and sampled their new flavors.  Now they have asiago and cheddar cheese crisps.  If only Costco sold them! I'd buy them all because I need it in bulk! Lol Recently Costco even had them on sale and I picked up a few bags.  It was hard not buying a whole case!

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Pics pulled from Sartori Cheese's website

During one of my fine cheese sprees, I came upon a new delight.  They were sampling the Sartori Provence herbed cheese and it was delicious! I couldn't leave the market without picking up two wedges for myself.  The herbs are so fragrant and really complement the savory cheese.  It's a hard cheese so perfect to slice into cubes or thin rectangles, depending on your own preference.  I are mine with some low sodium roast beef.  So refreshing! Other times I just ate the cheese by itself, it's addicting!

Sartori is always at the Fancy Food Show with a huge display and tons of different cheese wheels to try.  I never really paid much attention as they have a huge portion of the halls solely dedicated to cheeses, but now I'm a fan so I'll be hunting for that booth.  Maybe I'll find some new fave this year.  😉

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