Wednesday, December 18, 2019

After all these years, I've finally made my way to Hawaii! There's so much to explore and so little time.  Ms. Lin Guide and I came here for my birthday celebration.  It's important that you plan on renting a car to explore the island and get around.  The drive is quite scenic and full of good eats! We spent a full day exploring North Shore.  One place that I researched and caught my eye was Kahuku Farms because they offer a wide variety of local products ranging from lotion to butters to syrups and more! They even serve drinks and home made desserts.  The grilled banana bread is a must! It caught my eye and I just had to try it.  They cover it with decadent caramel and vanilla haupia.  So delicious!

Their 'cafe' is almost just like a small street stand.  The people were very friendly and you can sample all the products they sell before you purchase.  What really caught my interest is lilikoi, which is passion fruit.  The syrup tastes just like a fresh passion fruit, of course enhances with sugar.  I've beehn trying to find a real tasting passion fruit syrup.  So many options are just chemically made and don't have the same fragrant aroma that theirs have.  If you are going to chemically make passion fruit syrup, people please taste what a real passion fruit tastes like! Lol. I bought two bottles for home.
Picture from Kahuku Farms website

They also offer lilikoi butter and varieties of jam.  At the stand they offer bulk deals if you buy 4, which was not bad.  Everything tasted very fresh and had a smooth texture.  They would go great on bread or pancakes.  Both Ms. Lin Guide and I picked up a bunch for ourselves and to give away as gifts.  If you buy $40 worth of products, you receive a free tote as well.  Before I checked out, I heard. Someone talk about a secret code for extra discount.  Hint : find one of their brand ambassadors to get the code and sign up for rewards.  We bought so much that we left with 3 rewards.  😇
Picture from Kahuku Farms website

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