Monday, May 6, 2019

Who has time for cooking these days? I actually do but I'm too lazy to cook all the time. You know what I mean. 😁. I was browsing through H Mart and they had some tasty samples.

They were sampling a bunch of Pulmone products that actually motivated me to purchase. I was even more motivated since they were simple to make. The Pork and Glass Noodles Potstickers were super tasty and reminded me of the Chinese chive pockets. Although the skin used is different, the filling tastes very similar. It's flavorful enough not to need any dipping sauce. I personally like it more crispy so you can keep them on the grill longer until golden brown.
The Ddukbokki Kit was soft and flavorful. I have yet to make it but I like that the kit includes seaweeds rolls that you grill on the side to add in. It provides a mix of soft with a hint of crispy texture. For those of you who like sweet with a hint of spicy, this would be perfect.

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