Thursday, March 7, 2019

Ever since my first trip to Paris eons ago, I've been going to Cafe Angelina for their famous African hot chocolate served with Chantilly cream.  They offer a wide variety of French pastries and typical cafe items. On my first trip I bought their famous African chocolate shavings to bring back and make my own hot chocolate.  Sadly it wasn't nearly as good because I'm sure they slow churn the chocolate at the cafe to give that velvety thick texture. When you make it at home it is so watery.  Now they actually sell the chocolate drink in a bottle.  I've bought some but haven't had a chance to drink them yet.  The consistency looks more like what's served at the cafe.  

The African hot chocolate is delicious but it can be a lot of sweetness in one sitting.  Now I tend to just share it with someone so that I don't get sweeted out.  I've been a few times in summer and I now get the iced African chocolate that's not as overwhelming.  It is still sweet but very refreshing in the heat.  I feel the hot chocolate is more filling than the iced chocolate but when it is hot outside, I'd definitely recommend the iced to cool down and relax.  Personally I love their decor that gives me this majestic and nostalgic feeling.  My favorite location is the one near the Louvre where you can also peruse around for some great scenery and photo ops.  ^_~

Cafe Angelina
226 rue de Rivoli
75001 Paris

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