Friday, August 10, 2018

For my birthday we decided to travel to Croatia.  Luckily Ms. Lin Guide has status for Star Alliance that allowed us one free check-in luggage.  Even though Croatia Airlines was a little more pricey but they were the only ones to offer direct flights and we can get some mileage plus one luggage.
Surprisingly they actually serve snacks on the flight.  Usually flights within the EU are considered domestic like the US, so we were surprised that they provided a nice little treat.  I like that they are providing a taste of Croatia and some cultural information.  Before our trip I did a bit of research about Croatian specialties and olives were on the list.  The olive oil was very fragrant.  I enjoyed the savory cheese cubes and tried some of the olives as well.  The pillows with Dalmatian herbs were richly seasoned but quite thick and dry.  They were flavorful but definitely makes you thirsty after consumption.  Still, I'm not complaining as this is pretty nice considering it is a free airline snack.  :)


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