Thursday, October 25, 2018

Pics pulled from Sartori Cheese's website

During one of my fine cheese sprees, I came upon a new delight.  They were sampling the Sartori Provence herbed cheese and it was delicious! I couldn't leave the market without picking up two wedges for myself.  The herbs are so fragrant and really complement the savory cheese.  It's a hard cheese so perfect to slice into cubes or thin rectangles, depending on your own preference.  I are mine with some low sodium roast beef.  So refreshing! Other times I just ate the cheese by itself, it's addicting!

Sartori is always at the Fancy Food Show with a huge display and tons of different cheese wheels to try.  I never really paid much attention as they have a huge portion of the halls solely dedicated to cheeses, but now I'm a fan so I'll be hunting for that booth.  Maybe I'll find some new fave this year.  😉

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