Monday, July 2, 2018

Ms. Lin Guide needed to find a place with wi-fi nearby and Royal Tea for the bill.  The staff seemed friendly.  They offer a happy hour after 6 pm but we were too early.  I wanted to utilize the deal as they offer my favorite salted cheese.  Ms. Lin Guide did get a drink and it was just so-so.  Even though we were there long enough to reach happy hour, I did not buy a drink.

However, I did try their egg puff because they offered cheese and other interesting toppings as add-ons.  At first I though the cheese was on top and it turned out the cheese is placed inside.  Unfortunately it wasn't really cheeses and you can barely taste the difference.  The egg puff was so-so.  I do like message on their back wall and they do have a variety of games available for their clients, but I feel most Asian tea places offer this as well.  Overall it is just an okay place, I'd rather go to other tea places nearby.

Royal Tea
19745 Colima Rd, Ste 11
Rowland Heights, CA 91748

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