Thursday, January 18, 2018

On our most recent short trip to Vegas, I wanted to take the time to check out the M&M and Coca Cola store.  It's been so long since I've visited the M&M store and I had find memories of the Coca Cola Museum in Atlanta.  Both stores were designed purely for fun and shopping. So if you like the respective brands and products then you will love it.
What I really wanted to do was taste the World of Coca Cola and see what other flavors are floating around the world.  Whilst in line we were attracted to the delectable floats! I think we were a little confused on the sodas that came with the float as you can't choose.  Warning: they come with regular US soda and not the international sodas.  There is 3 set options : international soda, float, and a combo of both.  If you want the fun international flavors then choose the first set, but if you want ice cream the choose the float set.  I wish we chose the combo of both because I really wanted to taste the international sodas! Why don't they make an international float set?  That would be the best of both worlds! Still the float set we got was a lot of fun and imaginative.  A lot of combos that I would never have tried.  We all agreed that the traditional root beer float still tastes the best together as it is such a classic combo :D.

Beware of the scary bear and photos the offer! I thought it was an online thing you can retrieve but it's like a Disneyland ride photo to make you purchase, MINUS the ride lol.  Still it was kind of fun and now I can say I was 'bitten' by a bear lol.  Needless to say.... I bought the photo package.  **hanging head down in shame** The gimmick works! Lol

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