Thursday, February 8, 2018

As I mentioned before, I'm very into drinks that come in cool bottles! Even though I was on crutches, I still made my way to Icy Cream Roll because of their fun drinks.  They were very busy at night so I went again in the day time and it was a much shorter wait.
They offer 'butterfly' teas that are blue and beautifully colored together with their lemonades.  The bottles are actually really fun because it serves as an infused as well.  You scan unscrew the top from the bottom and see the separation.  The drinks are beautiful and fun when you mix the colors together.  Alas, the drinks themselves are not very good... Which is too bad because I love the bottle!
Another trend are ice cream rolls, which they offer as well.  For those who dare, they offer durian here and it is pretty flavorful.  

All in all the decor is super cute with ice cubes as seats on astro turf.  They also have a neon lit hallway to the bathroom that's great for photo ops.  Lots of fun stuff to take pictures of here.  If only the drinks were better, I'd go back.  It's more of a one time fun trip rather than any place I'd frequent.

Icy Cream Roll
16031 Brookhurst St
Fountain Valley, CA 92708 
(714) 202-0303


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