Thursday, October 25, 2018

Pics pulled from Sartori Cheese's website

During one of my fine cheese sprees, I came upon a new delight.  They were sampling the Sartori Provence herbed cheese and it was delicious! I couldn't leave the market without picking up two wedges for myself.  The herbs are so fragrant and really complement the savory cheese.  It's a hard cheese so perfect to slice into cubes or thin rectangles, depending on your own preference.  I are mine with some low sodium roast beef.  So refreshing! Other times I just ate the cheese by itself, it's addicting!

Sartori is always at the Fancy Food Show with a huge display and tons of different cheese wheels to try.  I never really paid much attention as they have a huge portion of the halls solely dedicated to cheeses, but now I'm a fan so I'll be hunting for that booth.  Maybe I'll find some new fave this year.  😉

Friday, August 10, 2018

For my birthday we decided to travel to Croatia.  Luckily Ms. Lin Guide has status for Star Alliance that allowed us one free check-in luggage.  Even though Croatia Airlines was a little more pricey but they were the only ones to offer direct flights and we can get some mileage plus one luggage.
Surprisingly they actually serve snacks on the flight.  Usually flights within the EU are considered domestic like the US, so we were surprised that they provided a nice little treat.  I like that they are providing a taste of Croatia and some cultural information.  Before our trip I did a bit of research about Croatian specialties and olives were on the list.  The olive oil was very fragrant.  I enjoyed the savory cheese cubes and tried some of the olives as well.  The pillows with Dalmatian herbs were richly seasoned but quite thick and dry.  They were flavorful but definitely makes you thirsty after consumption.  Still, I'm not complaining as this is pretty nice considering it is a free airline snack.  :)

Monday, July 2, 2018

Ms. Lin Guide needed to find a place with wi-fi nearby and Royal Tea for the bill.  The staff seemed friendly.  They offer a happy hour after 6 pm but we were too early.  I wanted to utilize the deal as they offer my favorite salted cheese.  Ms. Lin Guide did get a drink and it was just so-so.  Even though we were there long enough to reach happy hour, I did not buy a drink.

However, I did try their egg puff because they offered cheese and other interesting toppings as add-ons.  At first I though the cheese was on top and it turned out the cheese is placed inside.  Unfortunately it wasn't really cheeses and you can barely taste the difference.  The egg puff was so-so.  I do like message on their back wall and they do have a variety of games available for their clients, but I feel most Asian tea places offer this as well.  Overall it is just an okay place, I'd rather go to other tea places nearby.

Royal Tea
19745 Colima Rd, Ste 11
Rowland Heights, CA 91748

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Looking for some tea with real fruits?  Elephant Tea offers a variety of teas to choose from.  Their signature Elephant fruit tea is a passion fruit tea filled with fresh fruits.  When I say 'filled', I really mean filled! Lol if you take out just one slice of the watermelon, the amount of tea goes down by 20% and they have two slices in there.  The funniest part was that they even put a baby tomato inside.  Ms. Lin Guide and I were a little befuddled but had a good laugh.
They offer free wi-fi and the staff was pretty friendly.  I liked their cute decor.  It has a nice relaxing atmosphere and hip feeling.  A good place for friends together and chat.
The drink itself was not bad but not worth the price.  I liked their huge square cups and that the fork was attached.  They definitely used fresh ingredients and even fresh passion fruit.  If only there was more to drink.  After eating all the fruits there's barely any drink left.  Even though the fruit might be more expensive, I personally rather have more of the drink honestly.

Elephant Tea
1380 Fullerton Rd, Ste 101
Rowland Heights, CA 91748

Thursday, February 8, 2018

As I mentioned before, I'm very into drinks that come in cool bottles! Even though I was on crutches, I still made my way to Icy Cream Roll because of their fun drinks.  They were very busy at night so I went again in the day time and it was a much shorter wait.
They offer 'butterfly' teas that are blue and beautifully colored together with their lemonades.  The bottles are actually really fun because it serves as an infused as well.  You scan unscrew the top from the bottom and see the separation.  The drinks are beautiful and fun when you mix the colors together.  Alas, the drinks themselves are not very good... Which is too bad because I love the bottle!
Another trend are ice cream rolls, which they offer as well.  For those who dare, they offer durian here and it is pretty flavorful.  

All in all the decor is super cute with ice cubes as seats on astro turf.  They also have a neon lit hallway to the bathroom that's great for photo ops.  Lots of fun stuff to take pictures of here.  If only the drinks were better, I'd go back.  It's more of a one time fun trip rather than any place I'd frequent.

Icy Cream Roll
16031 Brookhurst St
Fountain Valley, CA 92708 
(714) 202-0303

Thursday, January 18, 2018

On our most recent short trip to Vegas, I wanted to take the time to check out the M&M and Coca Cola store.  It's been so long since I've visited the M&M store and I had find memories of the Coca Cola Museum in Atlanta.  Both stores were designed purely for fun and shopping. So if you like the respective brands and products then you will love it.
What I really wanted to do was taste the World of Coca Cola and see what other flavors are floating around the world.  Whilst in line we were attracted to the delectable floats! I think we were a little confused on the sodas that came with the float as you can't choose.  Warning: they come with regular US soda and not the international sodas.  There is 3 set options : international soda, float, and a combo of both.  If you want the fun international flavors then choose the first set, but if you want ice cream the choose the float set.  I wish we chose the combo of both because I really wanted to taste the international sodas! Why don't they make an international float set?  That would be the best of both worlds! Still the float set we got was a lot of fun and imaginative.  A lot of combos that I would never have tried.  We all agreed that the traditional root beer float still tastes the best together as it is such a classic combo :D.

Beware of the scary bear and photos the offer! I thought it was an online thing you can retrieve but it's like a Disneyland ride photo to make you purchase, MINUS the ride lol.  Still it was kind of fun and now I can say I was 'bitten' by a bear lol.  Needless to say.... I bought the photo package.  **hanging head down in shame** The gimmick works! Lol

Monday, January 8, 2018

Roasting Water has been one of my favorite new go to milk tea places because of their awesomely cute/beautiful bottles! It's become one of my hobbies to get my drinks with the special glass and many places have started this trend.  The best thing about Roasting Water is that all their drinks come in their bottles.  There's no extra charge and the prices are very reasonable.
A good and bad thing is that they often change their bottles so if you see a previous design that you liked, it may be gone in a flash! These mermaid bottles were from a while back and they were quite beautiful.  They use to do glass bottles with wooden corks but now they use plastic bottles.  I kind of missed the glass bottles, even though the kids were not too tight.

As part of their store decor, they use super cute cups that make you want to buy or take tons of photos.  Sadly, those cups are not for sale ;(.  They've recently caught on that it would be lucrative to sell all these cute cups! So some are available and some are limited items that come with regular milk tea.  I totally bought the gimmick and bought the super expensive cups/containers lol.  If you go, try the smoothies and fun tea combos.  If you just want tons of their bottles, you can cheat and buy their Vietnamese coffee like I do since they are one of the cheaper items that still tastes great.  

Roasting Water
7925 Westminster Blvd 
Westminster, CA 92683 
(714) 893-1800
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