Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Before I left for Japan, I wanted to buy the cute sushi cupcake in honor of our trip and pre-celebration of Ms. Lin Guide's b-day.  It's technically after mine but she won't be around so I celebrated it early lol.
The store is tucked away in a business strip mall so it can be easily missed and parking was a little difficult.  Keep an eye out for the suite number as your guide.  They have a bunch of cupcakes on display as you go in.  Some were super cute like the Cookie Monster and the poop emoticon lol.  The other cupcakes looked tasty too but I was on a mission.
I didn't see any of the sushi cupcakes that I specifically came for! Luckily they still had some left in the back stored.  Apparently they are not always available and can run out so be sure to call ahead of time if that is what you are looking for.  They only had the box set, which is pretty pricey for the size.  It's about the size of a bigger cut sushi roll piece and about the price of a cupcake.  Still, it's worth the experience for the fun and cuteness.  

All in all they have some cute items and were friendly.  Most importantly the cupcakes were not bad.  They were sweet and had a nice smooth texture.  You can tell the used good ingredients.  The only con was the price of that box.  It's almost a better deal to get a cupcake, size wise. 

Simply The Cupcake
24002 Via Fabricante, Ste 401
Mission Viejo, CA 92691


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