Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Gourmet Pigs gave me a few choices to meet up and I decided to choose Mr. Matcha because of the name.  Ever since Japan I've been craving matcha so I thought this was the perfect place.  Then I went online to look at what they served. At first I was kind of disappointed in the choices but I was glad to be proven wrong :).
I got their matcha and black sesame soft serve in their black cone.  The color combo was fun, but most importantly I liked the taste.  They claim to serve organic grade A matcha and the flavor was decently strong, unlike some other soft serve places.  The black sesame had a nice deep aromatic flavor.  I would definitely skip the come next time because if you eat slow it becomes soggy and it has no special flavor.  It is great for photos so I decided to get the cone ^_~. 

Mr. Matcha
12926 Main St
Garden Grove, CA 92840

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