Monday, September 5, 2016

Looking for something new?  With all the new fads and twists on ice cream, Chelo Creamery offers a fun new style. They also offer gelato, Italian ice, and more but with their own little twists.  I've already been twice and still stick to the Chelos for now as they are fun to watch being made.  
There are not many tables inside and can get busy quite fast, especially if a bunch of people are ordering the Chelo rolls.  They can only make two at a time and it's definitely a fun process to watch.  It really depends on who is your "Chelo master" for how the end product comes out.  Some make really fat and big rolls, while others make it nice and pretty like a pirouette cookie.  
They offer a few fun pre-selected concoction and they were very accommodating with my substitutions.  I was surprised they even offer durian as one of the ingredients but it is only in the Downtown Funk Chelo with Durian and Coconut.  On my first visit, I chose this and substituted every ingredient except the durian! lol They were pretty nice about it and the durian was super tasty! I wish they offered it as one of the create your own ingredients.  Sadly, the picture was not as fun but definitely good to eat. 
The Chelo rolls are velvety smooth.  I like the taro because it is light.  For my 2nd visit, I decided to try the Red Head with Strawberries and Cheesecake.  This time I wanted a cool photo and decided that I would make no substitutions... the picture turned out well but I did not enjoy the taste at all.... =*(  As in life, we can't always have it all.  I would have rather had my random concoction, but the sacrifice was necessary for a good photo O=).
Chelo Creamery 
18558 Gale Ave. #158 
City of Industry, CA 91748 
(626) 965-5817
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