Monday, February 22, 2016

Tea Bar Metro is my new addiction.  I have been to the Tea Bar Jungle in Rowland Heights many times but recently I really like this location because they have a bunch of innovative concoctions that are quite tasty.  Warning : Their drinks are good but not cheap.  The good this is that they use these super durable cups that are almost like regular cups and they also offer a Yelp check-in for one free large drink upgrade.
Currently my favorite drink is their Orange Passionfruit Green Tea where they use real fresh squeezed orange juice that adds a nice refreshing flavor to the drink.  The Watermelon Slush is made with fresh watermelon and is very refreshing after hot pot or on a hot day.  I tried some of their other concoctions that were a little off for my taste, but interesting combos.  They have a Grapefruit Rose Green Tea and Lala Land Slush, which consists of guava and strawberry slush.  Each drink contains some fresh fruits.  The flavor combos were a little off for me but definitely points for creation! So if you like good tea drinks and are willing to pay the price, I'd definitely come here.  They also offer free wi-fi and have very friendly service.

Tea Bar Metro
18174 Pioneer Blvd 
Artesia, CA 90701 
(562) 865-0888


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