Friday, February 19, 2016

Many years ago I went to the Espetus Churrascaria in San Francisco and was very unimpressed.  So why would I go back to try Espetus Churrascaria again?  Well, Ms. Lin Guide said that she went to the San Mateo location and found that it tasted much better than the one in San Francisco.  She also raved about this cut of meat that was like pork belly bacon.  So.... I had to give it another try!
They have a small salad bar with some interesting selections.  I liked that they offered guacamole, mango salad, and chicken salad.  Still, I wish they had a wider variety that other churrascarias provide.  Oh well, guess I will just have to eat the meats! =9
My favorite reason to eat Brazilian BBQ is so I can get my hands on some delightful Pan de Quiejo! I just wished that the bread had its own basket to keep warm.
I decided to play with my food and used the delightful bread to make my own mini sliders with great cuts of meat! It was fun and tasty.  It was fun to try out with different types/cuts of meat to add a little oomph.
One of the specialties here is that they offer Roasted Pineapples.  Many people love grilled pineapple and I loved the presentation.  They use whole fresh pineapples and slice them table-side.
My favorite cut is the Picanha.  It's always the most flavorful and has the best texture in my opinion.  The best cut is to get it when it's hot off the grill because the flavor is maintained on one side, while the other is still juicy.  
Lunch is always cheaper than dinner, but the weekday lunch did not offer the mysterious pork belly bacon like cut.  We decided to go on a weekend for lunch as they still offered the pork belly and less than their dinner price.  Almost everything offered on the dinner menu was served for lunch on the weekend.  
All in all the meats were not bad but I wasn't over the moon.  I did enjoy the pork belly cut when it was fresh off the grill.  It's almost like a tasty porchetta! We had to request it to get this meat, so be sure to ask if it does not come.  The Espetus in San Mateo is a lot better than the San Francisco location, but that's not hard to do.  They just opened the Fogo de Chao in San Francisco, so it will be tough to see which place I'd go next time up in the Bay Area.  
Espetus Churrascaria
710 South B Street 
San Mateo, CA 94401
(650) 342-8700
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