Thursday, December 10, 2015

My goal for my trip to Boston was to eat as much lobster as I can! Believe me, by hook or crook I was going to make it happen! =)
Of course this would include an adventure to seek out Alive and Kicking Lobsters.  I was by myself and decided to take public transportation to find me some yummy lobster.  As fate would have it, there wasn't a good direct route from where I was staying.  To get to the yummy lobsters, I would have to trek a few miles in the brisk fall weather.
I decided to just enjoy the scenery as I walked towards my goal.  Thinking about the lobster only motivated me more.  Along the way I strayed from my path as I saw the sushi place I liked and stopped by for a snack.  =D Yes, yes... I like to bang bang.  O=D
It was a nice scenic walk as the fall leaves gently flowed to the ground and filled the streets.  Alive and Kicking Lobster is tucked away in its own cove with parking spots and open seating.  The weather was slightly chilly and the open aired seating was a little brisk, but not to worry because tasty lobster will warm the soul!
Go inside to place your order and you can wait inside to pick it up or they'll come out and find you to bring your food.  They have a steamed whole lobster deal when you buy 2.  Even though I was by myself, how can I say no to more lobster at a lower price??  Bring it on!
The lobster was tender and fresh.  I asked for some lemon to go along with the hot butter.  They provide you with lobster crackers to use and bring back to them.  No bibs, but there is a huge roll of paper towels for you to use at the benches.  Sadly, I don't eat the heads of lobsters and wished someone was there to share to joy! It was such a travesty that they went to waste.
They are also known for their Lobster Sandwich, not your typical lobster roll.  Of course I had to pick one of those up too! When I first opened up the sandwich, I will be honest that I was a little let down.  Instead of a roll, they used regular toasted bread.  At first glance, it looked like a thin sandwich but when you open it up you could see the chunks of lobster meat.  The flavor was a little too bland for my liking but I decided to use some of the seasonings provided.  I saw the hot sauce and started to add a few drops before a bite.  This really helped! It made the sandwich so tasty and added a pizzazz that kicked it up a few notches.
All in all it is a nice kind of hole in the wall, technically corner, that was fun to try.  Reasonable prices, friendly service, and fresh seafood.  What more can you ask for?  =D

Alive and Kicking Lobster
269 Putnam Ave
Cambridge, MA 02139
(617) 876-0451
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