Friday, November 20, 2015

For some good treats in Boston, be sure to stop by the Boston Public Market.  Gourmet Pigs has some stuff to do in the morning so she dropped me off here to explore.  She recommended that I try Taza Chocolate Bar.  The market opens early and it was quite empty around 10 am.  Towards lunch time it gets much more crowded and happening.
 I decided to stop by Taza for a drink.  They specialize using stone ground chocolates.  We later actually went to the factory for a tour, which will be a later post ^_-.
You have many combos and choices for your drink, iced or hot.  To start off you choose the type of chocolate used, either classic or seriously dark.  Next comes the base from whole milk, almond milk, or water.  Then they will ask for which flavor to add in.  This may change depending on the holiday flavors.
For my drink, I chose the seriously dark with whole milk and fall spices iced.  The drinks are mixed and made in front of you. While I was waiting for my drink order to be completed, the other lady went to help someone else and asked if she wanted samples.  I felt a little jipped because nobody offered me anything >=P
All in all the drink was definitely different. The stone ground chocolate definitely has a different texture that takes some getting used to.  It's almost like sandy bits at the bottom.  I am not sure I was a big fan of this because I personally like a smooth and velvety drink that melts in your mouth versus something that I have to chew on.
Taza Chocolate Bar at the Boston Public Market
100 Hanover St,
Boston, MA 02108

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