Monday, November 23, 2015

The first place I stopped inside the Boston Public Market was actually at the Red Apple Farm.  They had some tasty looking donuts laid out that I had to try.  Since I wanted to try a bunch of different places here, I couldn't spare too much tummy room.  I only got one mini cider donut to try.  It was a tasty morsel and a great way to start the day off.
They offer many apple-licious treats.  I was tempted to grab a chilled apple cider to drink.  Before checking out I saw that they had some apple bread/cakes to sample and I must say it was DELICIOUS! Sadly, I wanted to behave and didn't grab one.  Also, I am only visiting Boston for a short time and so many places to try out that I would not be able to eat the bread/cake by myself.  If you are there, pick one up and enjoy it for me!
At the check out stand they had McCrea's handmade caramels in classic caramel and black lava sea salt caramel.  I only recently opened the treats up and they were delicious too! Albeit a little pricey at 75 cents a pop but at least they were tasty.  I kind of wished that I bought some more.  =D
Red Apple Farm at the Boston Public Market
100 Hanover Street
Boston, MA 02108

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