Saturday, September 19, 2015

It has been quite a few years since I have been able to attend the delightful Eat Drink SF festival, previously as SF Chefs.  This year I was able to attend the last day of the Grand Tasting Festivities.  Ms. Lin Guide and I were very lucky to get in as Saturday night was a sold out show! Many hungry foodies were lined up eagerly waiting to get in and start the festivities!
They were serving up fresh shucked oysters from Mission Rock Resort headed by Chef Peter Osborne.  Served with different accompaniments that would entice the palette.  This was definitely a must and somewhere to hit up early on before they run out.
Eat Drink SF is not just a festival, it is a battle and a place to let loose and have fun! Always plan for where you want to try most and aim for those stations first.  With the show being sold out, there's always the chance that they may run out before the end of the night.  This often happens with the best stations.  They must be serving something tasty that people can't resist!
Chef Charles Phan of Slanted Door was a delight as always.  He's always showing an endearing smile as he serves up one of his delectable treats.  His station is always crowded as many people know of him so be sure to line up early, but don't worry as he usually prepares enough for the massive crowd.
Farallon prepared a savory tuna tartar atop a crispy wonton to tantalize the tastebuds.  It was light and tasty.
Chef Luis Flores from Uno Does Tacos was ready to serve up some tacos and strike a pose.  It was a happening atmosphere for foodies to get a glimpse of where to book next and to spend some one on one time with the Chefs.  
For desserts, the station to visit was Cafe Madeleine serving up a wide variety of their tasty concoctions.  To make it even better, they were serving full size desserts that would drop your jaw! I decided to try the Maui and it was quite tasty.  Who can say no to macadamia nuts, white chocolate, and fresh fruit.  If we didn't have so many stations to hit, we would have tried a couple more desserts.  It's always better to bring others with you so that you can share all the goodies and get to try more.
Have you ever tried mushroom jerky?  Well here was our chance to taste a different texture of mushrooms.
Tap 415 was throwing down the gauntlet by serving up tasty morsels of Lobster Rolls! Baker and Banker created a savory and sweet twist to surprise the palette.  It was a little out there but fun to eat nonetheless.
All in all it was a wondrous event as usual where the Chefs come out to show off their talents as well as to meet fellow lovers of food.  The Eat Drink SF Event is a must for every year.  Even if you missed this year's event, be sure to plan your next SF trip to make sure you catch them next year! Each year just gets better and better.


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