Thursday, August 6, 2015

I personally love Japanese snacks! They are always so cute and memorable.  One very common and well known snack in Japan is the Tokyo Banana.  They have different designs all the time and the caramel one is one of the cutest.  
Daisy is one of the newest additions and it is very sweet looking.  They have cute little daisies all over the packaging enhances the cuteness with a little bow on the package.  It's almost too cute to eat.... almost! lol
Honestly though, I think the Tokyo Banana is only so-so in taste.  They are good once in a while, but the cuteness is great! I like the Tokyo Banana cookies that are similar to elephant ears.  Still, be sure to grab some if you are ever in Japan for the fun and just to say you have tasted it.  =D


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