Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Poilane is a Parisian landmark full of rich history.  The original location is close to Saint-Sulpice.  It's a must for anyone who goes to Paris.  I often think about the pan au chocolat!
Be sure to go early in case they run out.  In the past, they would run out of the croissants but I feel that now they have established themselves further that even if you go later in the day you will be able to find some goodies.  Having a tasty treat while you prepare to spend the luxurious day in Paris is the only way to live!
Normally I come down this way when I want to hit all the goodies in this area.  I come out to shop at Le Bon Marché for their high end groceries.  You can find many splendors from all over France in one place.  Don't forget Pierre Hermé near Saint-Sulpice for the delectable French sweets.  I love their macarons and the mille fueille.
Originally Poilane is known for their bread.  Ms. Lin Guide has had the bread before and only think they are okay so I never bothered to try the breads.  The designs on their bread often changes and I find it endearing that they call them "cushions".
They had me at their buttery flaky croissants.  Be sure to get one or a couple of each.  We always bring some on the plane and home.  It's rare that you get them fresh and hot out of the oven because I like to toast my pan au chocolat for the melty goodness.
The reason I knew about Poilane was from a fellow blogger and he recommended me to try the shortbread cookies called punitions.  They are light in taste but nothing I would say that blows my mind.  I come back often for only the croissants.  Of course there are many items to check out and maybe one day I will try everything.
All in all Poilane is a must.  If you are true foodie, then you must come here for a taste... and bring me back something! lol

8 Rue du Cherche-Midi 
Paris, France 
+33 1 45 48 42 59


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