Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Urban Plates offers a healthy selection at a reasonable price.  Their meals all range around $10, depending on what you order and if you add anything else on.
Everything is already prepared and under heat lamps waiting to be served.  Kind of reminiscent of the Chipotle approach.  They are constantly cooking fresh meats and fish so that the food you get hasn't been sitting there too long.
First choose what kind of meal you would like.  Ranging from salads, sandwiches, pizzas or just a combo.  Typically I choose the meat/fish plus two sides combo.
You can also order everything online so it will be ready to be picked up when you come.  However... the quality varies when it is packed and ready to take home versus picking out the goods yourself.
For meat, I always choose the grilled steak.  They offer chicken, oven baked salmon, and more.  I do not like my meats over cooked.  The first time my friend bought me the meal and the steak was charred, but still flavorful.
When I went to the store myself, I made sure to get some rare cuts.  There is always a pro and con to things as I liked the meat was more tender and rare, but the flavor was not as rich.
All the combos come with a toasted focaccia bread.  They offer cold and hot sides.  The cold sides tend to be very healthy and all vegetarian.  Sorry, but not for me.  O=)  I got the mac & cheese and mashed potatoes.  They were just okay.
The grilled chicken was surprisingly tender and I liked that the skin was still on.  I know a lot of people do not like to eat the skin because it's 'unhealthy'.  For the sides, the brocolini and Brussels sprout with turkey bacon were very fresh and nicely cooked.  I like the Brussels sprout because it is the most flavorful with a hint of lemon.
My friend let me try her dessert one time and I really enjoyed the cheesecake.  The crust is nicely flavored and adds a nice crunch with the cheesecake.  It's light and refreshing, but for the price... you could almost buy another meal.
They offer an assortment of freshly made fruit drinks to choose from.  Feel free to ask them for a taste before purchasing.
Everything is serve yourself and self seating.  So just pick up your try and find a seat.
All in all the food is solid and if you don't want to spend too much money but still be full, I would recommend this place.
Urban Plates
3972 Barranca Parkway
Irvine, CA 92606
(949) 387-2600 
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