Monday, June 1, 2015

I will admit that this has been on my back burner and I never posted about it because it wasn't that memorable.  It seems the location in San Mateo has been moved and not surprising at all.  I still want to post about it because this is a chain and I am sure the other stores are about the same.  The concept sounded fun and possibly had promise but the execution failed.
 First you choose the size of your drink and if it is hot or cold.  Then comes the added flavors and type of tea.  Do you want milk and how sweet you would like your drink?  Last comes any toppings.  This is a very common new trend of building your own drinks and dishes.  I would say skip the boba because it was not good at all.
The drink did not taste like tea at all.  It was a weird milky consistency and you need to be careful on which flavors you choose as it can turn out pretty bad... Both drinks looked very similar but did not taste alike at all.  This location was very small and kind of run down in my opinion.  It was like a hole in the wall location.  When I went it was still sort of popular but they were soon beat out by other popular locations
All in all, I am not surprised this place didn't survive as the drink was only so-so and the location was run down.  Being that there are always new and probably better places popping up, they definitely couldn't compete.  Honestly, I wouldn't try any of their other chains so that is why I decided that I should write about it as a warning to other fellow milk tea lovers.

106 S B St 
San Mateo, CA 94401 
(650) 548-1085
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Trekkie said...

I wouldn't touch this place with a nine foot pole either.

Kat said...

Haha, I am not surprised this place closed. My sis is...

They have a few locations up North and I would definitely not recommend this chain. The milk tasted chalky and powdery.

I love So Cal milk tea! So MUCH BETTER! O=D

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