Tuesday, June 30, 2015

For some reason it is really hard to find a great milk tea place in the Bay Area.  There have been a few new places that opened up in San Mateo that have been getting a lot of attention.  Of course I had to try the two new popular places on the same night! =)  ShareTea is a Taiwanese brand that started in 1992 and opened up shop in San Mateo.  They offer an assortment of tea drinks and drinks made with Yakult! I personally love Yakult drinks and am glad to see that the US has a tea store that will be made with the real thing versus some yogurt substitute.  In Taiwan many places use the real thing and guarantee at least two Yakults in each tea.  The dream! lol
They offer the Green Tea with Yakult that's refreshing, but I really enjoy their Taro Milk Tea.  It is made with real taro bits and has that velvety texture to boot.  I prefer my drinks a little bit sweeter so I would ask for it to be a little sweeter.
All in all this place is refreshing and my new fave place to get milk tea in the Bay Area.  Whenever I visit for a long time, I go through withdrawals from my yummy milk tea in So Cal.  At least now I have some place to go to tide me over.  =) They also offer a rewards card called Belly, which is similar to Five Star.

60 E 3rd Avenue 
San Mateo, CA, 94401
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Trekkie said...

There is one in the SGV now, took a little too long

Kat said...

I saw that they are growing. Was the line long or were they slow? The San Mateo location offers online ordering, which hopefully is faster. =)

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