Thursday, July 2, 2015

Blaze Pizza has been rapidly growing its franchise in Southern California.  They are part of the new trend where you can create your own pizza and it'll be freshly cooked in 90 seconds in their fire oven.  I really like the location in UCI as the service is friendly and efficient.  They load quite a bit of toppings onto the pizza. This location tends to get pretty busy as lots of hungry students and locals frequent this place.
The price is pretty reasonable for $7.95 to create your own pizza with all the toppings you want.  First you can select your sauce from the white sauce, red sauce, spicy red sauce and more.  I usually try a combo of the spicy red sauce and white sauce, but lately I like just using the white sauce for a sweeter flavor.  As you can tell, I have been quite often.
Next you get to select your cheeses.  I looooove cheese so I tend to use almost all the cheeses.  Warning, if you don't love love blue cheese then I wouldn't recommend adding it on because it will have a kick.  I personally adore the ovalini mozzarella that simply melts into a gooey yummy mess!

As for meats, there is quite a selection but I have to warn you that the more meats you choose the saltier the pizza gets.  Due to this factor, I actually limit the amount of meat choices on my pizza because I like a lighter but still tasty flavor.  Of course some nights, you just have to make it a meat lover's pizza.
They have a nice selection of veggie and seasonings to add on.  I love that they have chopped garlic and roasted garlic to add.  Typically I don't choose many veggies, no surprise there.  However, I do like adding the arugula at the end.  They don't cook the arugula so just ask for it after your pizza comes out and they will add it on the top.
One of my favorite things to get is the S'mores pie and ask for it to be toasted.  Mmmm good! As you need to eat this while it is fresh and hot, I usually eat dessert first! =D  They also offer a blood orange lemonade, which I thought sounded wonderful... but alas... it's just sweet tangy syrup with no real blood orange taste.
All in all, I think Blaze Pizza is great and always tastes fresh.  Yes, I have been to Pieology but I like Blaze Pizza more.  Be sure to go on Pi day (3/14) as they offer pizzas for only $3.14.  It's a great deal but expect a long line! lol
Blaze Pizza
4255 Campus Drive #A120
Irvine, CA 92612
(949) 725-0012
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