Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Who doesn't love a good spicy popcorn chicken?  It's a typical Taiwanese snack to munch on with you milk tea.  I heard that Popcorn Chicken just opened up in the 99 Ranch plaza on Culver was comparable to the ones you get in Taiwan.  Of course I had to give it a try after hearing this.
After dinner at Sushi Wasabi, we decided to go towards that area as my BFF wanted milk tea nearby.  I had to stop in and check out their menu.  They offer a wide variety of pre-made products in a case for you to choose from.  There weren't any visible menus so it was a bit tough to distinguish the ordering sust and the prices.
Eventually I found a scantron test sheet reminiscent to my high school and college days that was the menu.  The list did not say how the food was prepared but you can mark how many you want to order.  I decided to get the spicy popcorn chicken and to try their fried pork chop.  The chicken was nicely fried but it was missing the oomph I look for in my popcorn chicken.  Honestly, I make a wonderful succulent popcorn chicken but my laziness always wins.  I think the one offered at I-Tea nearby is better, but depending on who makes it.
The fried pork chop is another common staple of Taiwan and it normally is slightly sweet from the marinade.  Here, they asked how spicy I would like the pork chop which I was a little taken back from being asked.  They said their pork chop is not sweet and my BFF thought it was slightly, but I didn't feel it really was.  The overall flavor was a little bland and I could see why they would offer to put spicy powder on top.
All in all, they seem to offer a good amount to choose from. The concept seems fun and has a very Asian vibe but I think they are a little off on execution.  Since they are new, hopefully they'll pick up the slack and flavors.  I'd be willing to give them another try as their prices are reasonable and service was friendly.

Popcorn Chicken
15333 Culver Dr
Irvine, CA 92604 
(949) 733-9999
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