Thursday, December 25, 2014

I remember coming to Hello Dessert for the first time eons ago and how they don't allow photos.  Everything still looks the same and the menu seems to have expanded.  Still not sure about taking photos but I take them anyway! O:)
We ordered 3 drinks, popcorn chicken, and an appetizer assortment that came out to be about $40.  Needless to say that the prices are not cheap.  I got my favorite Mango Moo, which the name is funny enough.  The smooth and flavorful texture of mango topped off with bits of mango.  Ms. Lin Guide decided to try the avocado smoothie and it was good.  You can taste that they use real avocados.  
The popcorn chicken was not bad.  It was better than what I thought they would serve.  I like that they had basil chopped up and fried in the batch.  The appetizer assortment was just okay.  I wish they baked the garlic cheese bread longer so that the cheese could melt.  The fried mozzarella sticks were good but no different from your typical frozen food sold in markets.  I thought the calamari was just meh.  If you want a snack, just go for the popcorn chicken only.

All in all it was fun to take a trip down memory lane.  I still like the Mango Moo, so I'll eventually be back...

Hello Dessert
1698 Hostetter Rd
San Jose, CA 95131
(408) 453-5566
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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Who doesn't love a good spicy popcorn chicken?  It's a typical Taiwanese snack to munch on with you milk tea.  I heard that Popcorn Chicken just opened up in the 99 Ranch plaza on Culver was comparable to the ones you get in Taiwan.  Of course I had to give it a try after hearing this.
After dinner at Sushi Wasabi, we decided to go towards that area as my BFF wanted milk tea nearby.  I had to stop in and check out their menu.  They offer a wide variety of pre-made products in a case for you to choose from.  There weren't any visible menus so it was a bit tough to distinguish the ordering sust and the prices.
Eventually I found a scantron test sheet reminiscent to my high school and college days that was the menu.  The list did not say how the food was prepared but you can mark how many you want to order.  I decided to get the spicy popcorn chicken and to try their fried pork chop.  The chicken was nicely fried but it was missing the oomph I look for in my popcorn chicken.  Honestly, I make a wonderful succulent popcorn chicken but my laziness always wins.  I think the one offered at I-Tea nearby is better, but depending on who makes it.
The fried pork chop is another common staple of Taiwan and it normally is slightly sweet from the marinade.  Here, they asked how spicy I would like the pork chop which I was a little taken back from being asked.  They said their pork chop is not sweet and my BFF thought it was slightly, but I didn't feel it really was.  The overall flavor was a little bland and I could see why they would offer to put spicy powder on top.
All in all, they seem to offer a good amount to choose from. The concept seems fun and has a very Asian vibe but I think they are a little off on execution.  Since they are new, hopefully they'll pick up the slack and flavors.  I'd be willing to give them another try as their prices are reasonable and service was friendly.

Popcorn Chicken
15333 Culver Dr
Irvine, CA 92604 
(949) 733-9999
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Monday, December 8, 2014

It's been a long time since I've been back up to the Bay Area.  During this trip, I'm making it a goal to eat all the good food I can! Actually that's always my goal! O:)

After a filling lunch at Hog Island Oyster Co, which has great expanded, I mosied on over to Humphrey Slocombe for some tasty ice cream.  I've been before and it was not bad in my memory.  It's got to be better than Ciao Bella, which was here eons ago.  Even though it was late Sunday afternoon, the place was packed!
They only had two employees that were both friendly but swamped.  I tried a bunch of flavors and sampled the 'secret breakfast' with bourbon and crisp flakes. The alcohol wasn't overpowering and had a nice hint of sweetness.  In the end I chose to get the Blue bottle coffee, candy capp, and matcha doodle.  The candy capp had that savory essence embedded amongs the sweet and smooth texture.  Personally I adore the candy capp mushroom on desserts.

The Blue bottle coffee was a safe choice, strong and flavorful.  I though the matcha flavor was subtle in the matcha doodle.  There were bits of snicker doodle embedded in the ice cream.  It's fun but I don't know if I'd get that flavor again.

All in all a great edition to the Ferry Building so that I can endlessly continue to snack :).

Humphrey Slocombe Ice Cream
1 Ferry Plaza
San Francisco, CA 94111
(415) 550-6971
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