Saturday, October 4, 2014

What do you do after a long flight and a 4 hr lay over?  Find something to eat and relax! I looked around and the selections are very very limited in Gate E of the Toronto Pearson Airport.

After a walk around, I decided I wanted to eat something made fresh and hot so I went for the True Burger Co. Bar & Grill.  Guess how much a combo is?  For a burger, fries, and drink it is $15! I upgraded to make it poutine style since I'm in Canada and the total was $20.   Swoon!!
My McDonalds breakfast was maybe 1/3 the price.  Well, what can you do at an airport?  The burger was not bad and loaded with mayo, mustard, and ketchup.  This could be I was starving as well.
The fries poutine style was very interesting.  I ordered it not knowing what to expect.  The board said bacon but the add on was just gravy and cheese curd.  Not sure if I was swindled or this is the add on.  The good thing was some of the curd melted and that was jackpot! 

All in all it was fine for a quick bite, but cost me a pretty penny!


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