Wednesday, April 2, 2014

It's been a while since I last went to a Cha for Tea.  They use to be located in Garden Grove.  For a while it seemed like a flourishing business but many locations shut down.  This location in Alhambra was packed for a Sunday night! They also offer free wi-fi.
What caught my eye was that they had brick toast.  I was craving for some sweet brick toast lathered with the tasty milk powder.  If they only added more of it on top, it would be good.  They only had a thin layer, which was still tasty but nothing too special.
For drinks, I made the bad choice of the honey milk green tea.  It's been one of my new favorites lately but only from one place as I have learned.  Ms. Lin Guide chose the better drink.  She got the mango green tea.  At first I was very wary because most places don't do a good job mixing the flavors and the drinks often taste like soap.  I must say the mango was very sweet and flavorful.  So here is the trick that they do not tell you, you can get refills for only $1.99.  Do you know where that information was found?  In the bathroom! Talk about keeping it secret! lol
They had a few Taiwanese snacks.  The sausage was not bad and tasted like it was from Sinbala, which could be very likely in these neck of the woods.  Their popcorn chicken was fairly priced and the portion was not bad.  Not sure why they offer a sweet and sour sauce and for a fee.  The chicken itself usually has enough flavor and nothing else is needed.
All in all it was a good place to hang out with friends.  It is quite cramped on Sunday as every table was taken inside and outside.  They made a big mistake with our bill and had to explain to them.  For four people, they brought us a bill of almost $100! DANG! What did we drink and snack on??  Be careful with their bill as the refills were entered as a full order plus the refill charge.  They had a ton of employees for a small place.  At least they were all very friendly.  I'd definitely come back for the mango green tea.

Cha for Tea
2 E Main Street Suite 2
Alhambra, CA 91801
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