Thursday, January 30, 2014

Happy Lunar New Year! I wish everyone a wonderful new year full of great eats, happiness, and health!

My coworker kept raving about Dog Haus and I finally drove by one while I was in San Gabriel Valley.  I decided that Ms. Lin Guide and I needed to stop for a bite just so I can see what it is all about.
You have to enjoy the irony that they are located next to LA Fitness.  Either work hard and burn off all the extra calories you get after eating there or think about the unhealthy snack while exercising since you walk by this place on the way to the gym.
Everyone there was very friendly and had a very laid back vibe.  The sun was strong that day and beating down on us.  I would recommend sitting somewhere shaded as the light can be blinding.  Since it was our first time, we debated on what to get and this place was a snack interim so we needed to save room.  The people there recommended "The Fonz".  It's a spicy Italian link, hot pastrami, and melted mozzarella in a grilled King's Hawaiian roll.
Was this anything special?  I thought it was decent but nothing I would drive so far for.  Maybe I just ordered the wrong sausage.  They put a generous layer of pastrami but there wasn't any oomph or pow in the flavor.  There is a sauce bar where you can try all the different dipping sauces and add a real kick to the flavor.  They also have a lot of accompaniments for you to layer the 'dog'.
For our side, I wanted to get Tater Tots.  Who doesn't love fried tater tots?  It was nicely fried and crisp but nothing too special.
The best thing I have to say was my Root Beer Float! It's a little pricey IMHO when I first ordered it but the root beer they used was great.  They used Sprecher root beer and this was my first time trying it but it was very well made.  I would definitely recommend getting their root beer and maybe a tub of ice cream to enjoy at home! We guzzled that drink down and they actually give you a pretty hearty portion so in the end it was sort of worth the price.  They use local ice cream nearby.
All in all it was not bad but I don't know if it was anything that special that I would crave for.  I would be willing to come back for snack the next time I have some downtime and maybe find another sausage to satisfy the craving.
Dog Haus
410 E Main St 
Alhambra, CA 91801
(626) 282-4287
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Saturday, January 18, 2014

As the Winter Fancy Food Show is about to begin again in San Francisco, I wanted to revisit one of the new products introduced last year by Republic of Tea.  Their station is always very engaging and it is fun to try the different teas.  Last year they introduced their U-Matcha line with a special tasting and demonstration.
The Japanese tea ceremony was great and a lot of fun to watch as we learn more about the tea.  Republic of Tea sells special sets for people to prepare and serve the tea at home.  Many studies have shown that tea is good for the body and the Dr. Oz show has showcased this product on how it is good for the body.  The flavor was very subtle and refreshing to the palette.  It's definitely a great new product and I can't wait to go back to visit their booth to have another sip.
Can't wait to see all the new products out there at the Winter Fancy Food Show this year! Check out my Facebook Fanpage for live posts from the show.

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