Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I know that everyone must be sick of seeing Miley Cyrus on my website as I was, but due to a family tragedy... I just left my poor website as is.  During the difficult time, I did find some comfort and laughs by watching silly YouTube videos.  O=)

My favorite one was Bart Baker's Parody with innovative lyrics.  Ms. Lin Guide's favorite line is that Miley is too dirty for Ron Jeremy.  Ain't that the truth!
This other video is just the song playing in the background.  I guess the new popular thing is to see the people's reaction and it is funny paired with the video.  Both are just fun to watch to numb the brain.

Of course Ms. Lin Guide's go to favorite video is "What does the fox say?"  I have NO COMMENT towards her choice in videos lol.  Still, it is a funny and ridiculous song.  The video drills the song into my head so I have to avoid hearing it at all costs or else I will be singing the lyrics all day and making WEIRD sounds that no animal really makes! lol


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