Sunday, October 6, 2013

Is Miley Cyrus crazy?  Is she just expressing herself?  Or is she just using this as an advertising ploy to get media attention?  Honestly, it's probably everything all rolled into one.
Apparently I am not up to date on what is happening in the crazy music world as Ms. Lin Guide had to show me the crazy MTV VMA Awards Show to let me know about the crazy stuff that Miley Cyrus has been doing.  After watching the video, it lowered any small respect I may have had for her.
Still it was amazing to see the crowd get all riled up for Miley Cyrus.  The sun was really beating down on us in this open area where no one can hide from the strong heat of the sun.  Yet, somehow the crowd was alive and began chanting, "Miley, Miley!" This really raised my energy level as well.
Miley Cyrus comes out in a tight white outfit.  She looked great and it was fine for the afternoon concert.  Fans on my Facebook page commented that she looked like she was wearing a diaper, which I thought was funny.  The costume looked fine and you can tell she worked hard for her body.  She sounded great on the open stage.
She did some of her grinding and torquing all over the stage.  I thought the back up dancers and stage were very umm interesting.  She must have been doing too much drugs when she thought of this.  There are colorful mushrooms everywhere with rainbows, flowers, and random grass hills that she will sit on... no comment.
What do you say when a person sings to inanimate objects in a colorful field? lol I think the mushrooms are a double entendre.  She sang We can't stop, Party in the USA, Look what they did to my song, and for the first time she sang Wrecking Ball... or so you think.  At night time they introduced it as the first performance ever as well.
One of the surprises for the night was Britney Spears, but don't get your hopes up as she is only doing a small introduction.  She came on at night to introduce Miley Cyrus.
 To be honest, I was a little bit impressed and thought that it was a great show in the afternoon.  I actually had more respect for her until the night concert for I Heart Radio. She sang only 3 songs and not as well plus the horrendously tasteless slutty outfit.
I try not to be mean but I have to be honest, she just seems like a cheap prostitute that you would find in a sleazy alley in Vegas.  It's true that we are in Vegas but... my eyes! She's just screaming for attention.
Imagine a white fishnet dress with BRIGHT lights shining down on her with her black pasties popping out at you like black ooze and a weird underwear underneath.  If she wore a bikini or white pasties, it wouldn't have been so classless and so hideous but like I mentioned before... she just wants the attention.  Totally lost any tiny respect I had for her and she barely sang any songs at night.  The afternoon concert at the I Heart Village was such a blast and way better.
The only thing that I thought was cute at night was her banana microphone.

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