Sunday, September 29, 2013

The fun just keeps on continuing with an all star line-up.  For those who are country fans, next up was Keith Urban.
With a guitar in his hand, Keith Urban serenaded to the crowd.  I won't lie... I did not any of the songs but the crowd did love it.  O=)
After a short break, Muse took the stage coming all the way from the UK.  The crowd went wild again.  Muse consists of school friends Matthew Bellamy, Christopher Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard.
They entertained their crowd with hits like : Uprising, Starlight, and of course Madness.  I enjoyed how they put on the electric sunglasses for madness and did up close shots with the camera while singing the song.
The eerily beats of Muse echoed throughout the stadium getting the crowd riled up and singing with them.
There were lizard people playing music instruments as the background and dancing bobble head like stars dancing to their beats.  No one can say they are boring. lol  For their final song they set the stage ablaze with pyrotechnics.  Even in the cool room, you can feel each burst of heat.
It was really fun to see the stage when they showed all the photos uploaded by people to the social media.  The twitter boards were lit up on both sides of the stage encouraging everyone to share their thoughts and photos.  People at home could join in the fun as well!

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