Tuesday, February 12, 2013

One of the best lunches I have had in all of France was in Lyon at L'Ourson Qui Boit.  Just the name itself was so adorable and alluring on their business cards.
Ms. Lin did a lot of research and found this quaint establishment.
First we took the metro to the Griffon - Royale neighborhood where along the way you can also check out the Roman Theatres at Minimes.
The summer scenery was beautiful with the sun shining brightly, but at a price... the sweltering heat.
It's refreshing to see the lush foliage in a city.
L'Ourson Qui Boit is very close to the station.  For a two course lunch it is only 14 euros and for a full three course lunch it is only 17 euros.  Even with the dollar being weak, it is a great deal for fine cuisine.  They serve French cuisine with Japanese influences.
Everyone there was Asian and spoke perfect French.  Don't worry, they speak English as well for those who speak limited French.  They immediately greet you with a smile and seat you right away.  I would definitely recommend a reservation as it is a small restaurant and quite busy.
Their simple and classic decor is very welcoming.  The doors are open throughout, allowing a refreshing breeze to course through.  We started the magnificent lunch off with a glass of sweet wine and my favorite Orangina bottle.
First they bring some fresh baked French wheat bread to get your taste buds going.  I leaned against the stone wall to further cool off from the heat.
There are only two choices for appetizer and entree.  Both looked amazing and it is great when you have a foodie in crime to share and try all the dishes.  My favorite dish, almost for the whole trip, was the Filet de Canette en Teriyaki with a hint of wasabi.  It was the most succulent, melt in your mouth slices of heaven.  The flavor was on point with a mix of savory and sweet.  Slices of duckling was placed atop the crisp shell and dressed with fresh green with eggplant on the side.  Everything came together harmoniously.  I almost wanted to order 2 or 3 more sittings of the lunch just so I could have more of this! Sharing is bad! **that's how I felt after the first bite**
The other appetizer was also great but I love the canette and still dream about it! For seafood lovers, they offered crab with Ricotta and tomato confite in a "creme froide de laitue au basilic".  It was a savory concoction.  The portions are very generous.  Everything is beautifully plated and well thought out.
For the "plats" they offered a delicate poached fish swimming in a seafood broth made with small shrimp, Chinese cabbage, and small peas.  I must say that French people love peas as it has become a theme.  The fish was tender and the seafood flavor was very strong.
We also got the the Chicken served in a Foie Gras Creme and an assortment of vegetables.  This dish was much lighter in flavor until you mix it with some of the foie gras creme to add that extra layer of flavor.  The chicken was very tender.
They had three choices for desserts.  After a long debate, we decided to have the Raspberry Tarte drizzled in a caramel sauce and served with a Caramel Ice Cream.  French people love raspberries (framboise) but it is my kryptonite as I disdain the taste.  Ms. Lin loves caramel so we ordered everything with caramel.  The tarte and ice cream were rich and creamy.
Ms. Lin chose the Creme Caramel with Chocolate and a Fruit Salad surrounding a White Chocolate Ice Cream.  I enjoyed the crisp pastries atop the ice cream.  This was much lighter and refreshing.  It's nicely paired with the rich creme caramel.
Of course we had to end the meal like Europeans would, with a piping hot cup of espresso!
All in all this was definitely one of the best meals throughout the trip and for a great price! You don't have to break the bank while in one of the greatest cities in France.  The ambiance, service, and food were all wonderful.  I can't stop thinking about the canette that throughout the trip I was looking for something similar anywhere I can.  If only I wasn't there for a day or so, I would go back again and again! Be sure to add this to your to-do-list if you ever go to Lyon.  Also plan some extra days as they have a wonderful culinary assortment of restaurants to keep you busy!
L'Ourson Qui Boit
23 rue Royale, 69001 Lyon, France (Griffon - Royale)
04 78 27 23 37

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