Friday, December 14, 2012

What happened to the good ole days where a kid can go into a local candy shop to pick up some treats?    
Well times have changed a little bit as B. Candy is not the same candy store our parents grew up with, no it is much more colorful and vibrant than before!
Even before you enter through the doors, there are colorful and decorative treats showcased outside.  It's almost like you are in a candy wonderland!
They offer a wide variety of treats that you would not find anywhere else.
The first thing that drew my gaze was the vast treats featuring Angry Birds! Who hasn't played that fun game! =D
I just had to pick up a few treats and was so torn on which ones to buy or just to pick up some toys... for myself! When I open the treats, I will be making the bird tossing noise when I eat them O=).
They even have a section dedicated to some fun bacon treats! I was very tempted to get the bacon and eggs headset in honor of my love for bacon.
Not only do they offer candy, they have a wide selection of gelato to choose from.  I really enjoyed the unique flavors that they offered.  My favorite was the chocolate covered potato chips and caramel! Sure, it may sound weird at first but it really works.  It's the perfect blend of savory and sweet with a crisp twist!
B. Candy is not a place just for the kids as adults have a lot to look forward too.
For that evening they served up a Cake Batter Martini for the crowd to enjoy.  Whoo! I might need a driver after a few of these.
The sprinkles around the rim just adds the mystical wonderland touch and it really tastes like cake batter, with a kick.
Don't worry they have non-alcoholic drinks for those who would like to wet their lips with a sweet and refreshing drink.  They offered a nice rootbeer float that I just couldn't resist! First I tried it with the normal vanilla gelato and it really hit the spot.
After the first cup, I wished I thought of using some of their unique gelato flavors! They were sweet enough to offer another cup and I had to have it with the chocolate covered potato chips with caramel! Now that really hit the spot with the tasty crispy texture.  It's a must!
I love their counter with the decorative ice cream cone and cupcake seats.  It is great and fun to grab a seat at the counter and a drink or snack!
They are available to hold small parties, which is a great treat for the family.
There are many cute baked goods in the case that are so vibrantly decorated.
The peanut butter cookie with a kiss on top was really good.  Their cookie is soft and chewy full of flavor.
They have a nice assortment of cupcakes to try as well.  All their cupcakes were eye catching and looked great.
My favorite was the peanut butter cupcake.  They were moist and just the right amount of sweetness.
Everyone there was super friendly and helpful.  You can feel the joy they have for the store and the great products they offer.
On your way out, don't forget to check out the vast amount of candy they offer on the wall by weight.  They even have a column of sugar free candy for those who need to watch their sugar levels, which I thought was great.
For me, I was glad to see that they offered a wide variety of flavors for the gummies.  I particularly liked that they had watermelon as one of the flavors.
Everything in the store is beautifully decorated and eye catching.  It's a great place to go crazy and enjoy different treats.  If you are a sugar addict, this will be your heaven!
B. Candy
3100 East Coast Hwy 
Newport Beach, CA 92625
(949) 675-3910
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