Friday, November 2, 2012

Who does not enjoy being pampered and served dinner in bed?  Enlist and grab your ticket to enter a different world for an evening of fun.
As you enter they offer you a complimentary drink.  We had a very nice sweet shot to wet our palette before the curtains open.
While waiting there is a bar and plenty of areas to sit and relax before the show.  You can meet the staff as they walk around and mingle with the crowd.
Slowly the curtain pulls open and you are greeted by the staff and get a taste of what is to come.  That night started off with their Art Director swinging up above in this heavenly dress.  An ethereal way to start off the evening.
Start heading in to find your new comfy bed to sit back relax.  Show your ticket and they direct you to where your table is.  You can kick off your shoes or get into bed with it on.  This may sound bad, but what's wrong with being a little dirty in bed ^_-.  Of course I just mean keeping your dirty shoes on.... lol
As everyone is moving into place, I start fluffing all my pillows to start building a fortress and back rest for myself as well as take in the full ambiance.  It's great for groups or just for couples to be intimate.
I really liked my seat which faces the stage directly.  It was a little far away but I didn't have to really move my head or neck much to catch everything.  I let the show come to me =).  The servers are very friendly and knowledgeable.   They climb right into bed with you to take your order and speak to you.
It's a four course dinner and they offer wine pairing.  The price is very reasonable for being in LA and the fact that you get dinner and a show.  Most tickets to a show would be about the same price.  $75 for four courses and the vast entertainment you receive is great.
At first I did not want to do the wine pairing and started off with their Blackberry Lemonade that was very sweet and tasty.  They brought a big bottle of Voss water to the table to share.
After most everyone is seated, they lift up the back screen to introduce their wonderful kitchen staff that's behind the DJ.  First we were entertained with some songs from the wonderful host/hostess.  Later she came around and got in bed with each table to chit chat.
First course of the night was Seared Scallops with a celery puree, raisin, and peanuts.  The scallops were very tender and the raisin was a great addition to the whole taste palette.  I was very skeptical at first as scallops are one of those dishes that can be very tasty or be very bad.  The portion was very generous and execution was nice.
Next came some break dancing that wowed the crowd and got everybody moving... in bed? lol  All tricks were very crowd pleasing.  There were some break times that allowed us to mingle with other tables and find some new friends.
Our second course was a Crispy Pork Belly with skin on top of pickled vegetables, cilantro, basil, and syrup.  The citrus flavor helped cut through any greasy flavor and complemented the dish.
There is a little bit of everything for the night as the lights dimmed and a spotlight shone on the Art Director.  We were regaled with an operatic song with a comedic twist.  She strolled around through beds, sat down to have a drink with the people, shared a bed, and hit a high note whilst sitting on a male guest's shoulder ^_-! Need I say more, all around fun and entertaining.
The best part of the show was the aerial acrobatics.  First the rope comes down and the spotlight reveals a man in a jumper.  Somewhere along the way that comes off as well as he twists and turns on the rope.  There were amazing drops where he unravels and stops before the floor.  It was definitely a memorable performance.
For the final savory course they served an Oven Roasted Halibut with fennel and butter potatoes drizzled with a zucchini sauce.  This dish was the lightest of the night and very healthy.  I could have used a little more salt and peeper to kick it up a notch.
It's really nice to feel the staff unity as other members of the staff take on a double duty as a performer.  Who doesn't love a tribute to Michael Jackson.  All the staff members were snapping pictures to capture the moment and cheering loudly for their fellow coworker and friend.
Near the end they display the screen and welcome text messages from the audience.  Someone did text in a marriage proposal, which can be a fun idea.  It allows the audience to give feedback or speak their mind for the night.
The last course was dessert, a Kahlua Pudding with cream and cookie on top.  A nice little treat to finish the night off.
All in all it was a great night full of entertainment and good eats.  Love the concept and they explained the vision that started out in Amsterdam that has reached worldwide.  The shows change every couple of weeks so that patrons can come back to see whole new show and the menus do change as well.  I had to take a picture of the aftermath and what my bed probably looks like in the morning.  O=)
Supperclub LA 
6675 Hollywood Blvd 
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 466-1900
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