Monday, July 9, 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man

After a great night of sushi at Kaori Sushi, Ms. Lin and I headed over for the last showing of The Amazing Spider-Man with Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.  To be honest, I really didn't want to go out to see this movie but it has been a while since Ms. Lin and I had been to the movies so I agreed to go.  Of course I sacrificed sleep since we caught the 11:30pm 3-D showing.  Is it worth it to pay for the upgrade?  Hmmm... not really because there wasn't really any effect that made the movie any better to be honest.
This is the first time I had seen a movie with Emma Stone in it and I have to say she looked great.  She definitely has a special quality about her.
Personally, I love Spider-Man but I have not been that big of a fan of the Spider-Man movies as I hold certain characters dear to my heart and thought they obliterated some of the story.  Of course this is a different arc and take to Spider-Man.  Careful, a little bit of a spoiler alert about lines used.  I didn't like that they did not include the famous line from Uncle Ben, "With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility."  They took a different angle and went in a round about way to get this point across.
All in all I thought the movie was just alright but nothing I would say that I would highly recommend.  For super hero movies, I thought this was just alright.  Not bad, but nothing that makes me want to say OMG! For super hero movies, I thought The Avengers was much better.  There were still some corny lines in this movie.  The plot was very predictable.  It definitely has your typical story set up with some special effects.
P.S.  I waited until the end of the movie and does not have any extras at the end of the credits. 


Unknown said...

I did see an extra scene after the credits :D it was with dr. Connors and some enigmatic guy talking about Peter's father. There is a part of it in some trailer.

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Adam Schule said...

David almost always kept babbling on this. honkai

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