Monday, July 9, 2012

After a great night of sushi at Kaori Sushi, Ms. Lin and I headed over for the last showing of The Amazing Spider-Man with Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.  To be honest, I really didn't want to go out to see this movie but it has been a while since Ms. Lin and I had been to the movies so I agreed to go.  Of course I sacrificed sleep since we caught the 11:30pm 3-D showing.  Is it worth it to pay for the upgrade?  Hmmm... not really because there wasn't really any effect that made the movie any better to be honest.
This is the first time I had seen a movie with Emma Stone in it and I have to say she looked great.  She definitely has a special quality about her.
Personally, I love Spider-Man but I have not been that big of a fan of the Spider-Man movies as I hold certain characters dear to my heart and thought they obliterated some of the story.  Of course this is a different arc and take to Spider-Man.  Careful, a little bit of a spoiler alert about lines used.  I didn't like that they did not include the famous line from Uncle Ben, "With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility."  They took a different angle and went in a round about way to get this point across.
All in all I thought the movie was just alright but nothing I would say that I would highly recommend.  For super hero movies, I thought this was just alright.  Not bad, but nothing that makes me want to say OMG! For super hero movies, I thought The Avengers was much better.  There were still some corny lines in this movie.  The plot was very predictable.  It definitely has your typical story set up with some special effects.
P.S.  I waited until the end of the movie and does not have any extras at the end of the credits. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sweet & Saucy is a great new addition to the Crystal Cove Promenade as it really needed a great place for me to pick up dessert after a nice meal.
Melody is really great and full of passion.  She puts her heart and soul into the desserts.
Everything is thoughtfully and beautifully crafted.  If you check out their website for their photos of catered events, you will appreciate the extreme artistry that goes into the design.
Everything is made fresh daily from the Long Beach store and transported here to Newport Coast.  Melody started out as a teacher, but found her passion in the culinary arts at Le Cordon Bleu in Pasadena.
Together with her family, she started to follow her dreams and was able to open her first store with the support of her parents in Long Beach.
I would definitely recommend the treats here for any party or event.  They can custom make desserts or beautifully decorate a cake for any event.
For July 4th, they have some pretty cute ideas.  I love the wholesome American Pie pops that were so adorable.  Definitely some great innovative ideas.
My favorite dessert of the day that I sampled was the Candy Bar Cupcake.  Not only is it a cute cupcake blossoming out from a flower cupcake sheet, it's also a flavor explosion.
I loved the texture of the cake mixed with the rich chocolate ganache inside and flavorful peanut butter topping.  If you love peanut butter like I do, this would be the perfect cupcake for you.  It really tastes like a candy bar.  I had to pick a large one up for home.  So addicting!!
At the Newport Coast location, they have a refrigerated case that the Long Beach location does not have yet.  Here, you can try some of their delectable cold treats.
I got to sample the rich and flavorful Passion Fruit Panna Cotta.  It had a nice tangy kick from the passion fruit.  Very light and suitable to the summer season.
They also have a S'mores Cupcake that looked tantalizing.  I loved the marshmallow decor.  This was the first thing I had to attack as I simply adore s'mores. The cupcake was a dark and decadent chocolate flavor.
Feel like a cake pop?  Well they have a few different flavors to choose from.  Each coated nicely with a layer of chocolate and encased inside is a moist cake.  They have seasonal flavors to match the holiday season.
I tried the Red Velvet Cake Pop that seems to be a popular choice.  The cake was very moist inside.
Not only do they have cakes, they also have a variety French macarons.  Of course I had to have the Salted Caramel Macaron as that is always my favorite flavor.
It's a good sized macaron where the outside casing is crisp but the inner parts have a nice chewy texture.
Don't forget to try one of their mini pies.  Be sure to heat up the mini pie a little bit before consumption.  The crust becomes so flaky and melts in your mouth.  I loved the lattice layer that makes the pie that much more appetizing and enticing.
Their Key Lime Tart was both cute and flavorful.  It had that nice tangy pucker topped off with a beautiful marshmallow top.
I asked if they would be providing Afternoon Tea here and they have not set up their own tea time, but they are definitely able to provide tea or coffee with your dessert.
They have stated that if you would like to have a certain kind of tea paired with your desserts then all you have to do is email them and they will help fill the request.
While I was there, many couples came in to do a taste testing for either a wedding or a banquet.
They definitely offer a wide selection to choose from and the photos they have on the iPad are beautifully presented. 
All in all I enjoyed the desserts and I found Melody to be delightful.  Her new bundle of joy was adorable =).  I am happy to find another tasty place in this promenade.
I'd personally take the Candy Bar Cupcake over Sprinkles Cupcakes to be honest.
Sweet & Saucy
7922 E. Coast Hwy
Newport Coast, CA 92657
(949) 715-0920
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Sunday, July 1, 2012

It's that time of again! For those of you who love avocados like I do, be sure to head on over to Downtown Disney for the week long events.  My favorite is the Guac Off where you can show off your cooking skills with some fresh made guacamole!
Event :  
Downtown Disney Presents Second Annual California Avocado Week, July 1 - July 7
Date :
Free interactive public events commence at 5 p.m. on July 1 and continue through July 7
Location :
Downtown Disney
1580 S. Disneyland Drive 
(at Disneyland Drive and Magic Way)
Anaheim, CA 92802 
Description :
Downtown Disney has teamed up with the California Avocado Commission to present the second annual California Avocado Week at Downtown Disney. To kick off the celebration of American Summer Holidays and the 4th of July, Downtown Disney and California Avocado Commission are hosting free chef demos and a guacamole contest that is free to the public.

Each day, beginning July 1 and continuing through July 7, a chef from one of Downtown Disney’s premiere restaurants will take center stage, demonstrating culinary creations starring fresh California avocados, which are in season now. Attendees will be invited to taste the featured dish.

Following the cooking demonstration, there will be an interactive “Guac Off” competition. A select number of guests will be chosen to create a personalized guacamole recipe using a selection of ingredients. Daily grand prize winners will receive a $100 Downtown Disney gift card and $85 California avocado gift pack.

In addition, throughout the week, restaurants in Downtown Disney will feature special California avocado menu items and Sephora will offer refreshing avocado facials.

Schedule : 
Sunday, July 1     Chef Meyer, House of Blues, California Avocado and Blue Cheese Crusted Rib Eye

Monday, July 2     Chef Thomas Keaveny, ESPN Zone, Mini California Avocado Shrimp Clubs and Grilled Chicken California Avocado Wrap

Tuesday, July 3    Chef Dore Sommer, Rainforest Café, Awesome Appetizer Adventure and Guacamole Burger

Wednesday, July 4     Chef Alejandro Reyna, La Brea Bakery, Shrimp and Salsa Stuffed California Avocado and Turkey California Avocado Sandwich

Thursday, July 5     Chef Darrin Finkel, Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen, Fried Green Tomato BLT with California Avocado and Jazz Kitchen French Quarter Salad with California Avocado

Friday, July 6     Chef Jose Estrada, Tortilla Jo’s, Ceviche de Huauchinango Shots and Shrimp and California Avocado Enchiladas

Saturday, July 7    Chef Nick Weber, Catal Restaurant, Tartare of Hamachi with Shisho, Micro Cilantro and California Avocado and Jalapeno Sorbet

Who took a bite out of my Umami Burger?? ^_^

I am glad to announce that the newest location of Umami Burger has opened up in Anaheim.  They had a celebration yesterday that was filled with tons of great food and fun.  All the staff there were super friendly and attentive.  No one left hungry or unhappy.  Both the food and drinks were wonderful in this newly renovated locations.  It's completely different from the other Umami Burger locations with its own flare and Americana decor.
Be sure to stop by and check it out to grab a tasty burger and drink! **full food review to come**

Umami Burger 
338 S Anaheim Blvd
Anaheim, CA 92805

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