Friday, June 1, 2012

On my random searches for fun new snack places to try in Vegas, I happened to come across Secret Pizza inside the Cosmopolitan.  Hmm, something that is elusive and popular... I must find it!!! As soon as I told Ms. Lin about my new destination, she wanted to take part of my search.
Since there was no hurry for us to catch our 2nd-3rd after dinner snack, Ms. Lin and I took our time taking fun pictures a the big red stiletto by the front entrance! **Click Click** Many hilarious and memorable photos later, we decided it was time to start the hunt.
The Secret Pizza place is definitely not as elusive as you think.  This kind of took the fun away from finding it, but then again it was late at night and we were just fooling around.  Of course this was not meant as a main meal.  It's meant to be 4th or 5th meal as it is open very late at night.
I feel that I can't really divulge the exact whereabouts since everyone else just gives the clue that the location is on the 2nd floor.  That's all the hints you really need.  It is not that hard of a location to find.  Just follow against the walls and you will see the entrance.  The hallway is laced with historic album covers leading you down a "secret path" to the infamous Secret Pizza location.
 Secret Pizza is definitely a unique experience because in this new high-end hotel you can still score a meal under $10?? Not too bad.  Of course that only means 1 slice of pizza and a drink, but hey for Vegas it is a steal in this prime location.  Besides, this is just a fun spot to stop off at.  It's almost like stepping back in time or through a portal that takes you off the strip to a simple wholesome pizza place.
Even the menu board is completely retro.  Simple and good is their philosophy here.  You can kill time while the pizza is being heated up by playing some good ole pinball game or watch the game.  Relax, grab a beer and enjoy!
There's no too much sit down room, but they have counters where you can chow down with your pals and chit chat a little.  Beware, if you hit it up when everyone else is there... then you may feel claustrophobic.  Don't worry, there's a remedy for that... focus on eating your pizza! =)
The staff members here were very nice and patient.  We looked at all the options and asked for their advice.  If we weren't so full from our many dinners, I would have bought a slice of every kind but we were both filled to the brim and had plans to meet up with my friends who were in town for ANOTHER meal. lol We had to plan it safe and pace ourselves! lol So one slice each and that was it.
I read online how everyone raves about their White Pizza.  They load it with ricotta and mozzarella.  This was a definite must for me, even though there's no meat on the pizza.  Yup, you heard right, I went with a MEATLESS pizza.  Hey when the pizza is good, I will allow it! lol
Their pizza is reminiscent of NY-style pizza without the floppiness that makes it hard to eat with your hands.  The white pizza was garlicky and flavorful.  Not too salty and just simple goodness.
Ms. Lin decided to try their Sausage & Pepperoni Pizza.  They use their own house made sausages that are thickly sliced like pepperoni on top.  I thought the pizza was good but a bit on the salty side for me.  The good thing is Ms. Lin likes her food more savory and salty so she enjoyed her choice more than mine, which was fine since I liked mine better.  It worked out perfectly.
Now it boils down to this ... Is this the best pizza in the world?  Nope! BUT... I think it is a must! There's no muss and no fuss here.  This should definitely be on your checklist of things to do in Vegas.  You can't really say you have been to Vegas without stopping by here just to enjoy their simple and tasty pizza.  It definitely hits the spot late at night, if you don't come with a super full stomach. 
They are open super late.  So if you need a snack after clubbing or spending the night at the tables, then this is the place to be! Especially if the "house" has cleaned you out and you are on your last chip, then you really need to come here to boost your morale so you can go back to the tables and turn lady luck around! Oh wait, did I just endorse gambling?? lol You bet your bottom dollar I did!
Hey! It's Vegas! You need some great stories to tell and be sure to make some good memories.  Just don't drink so much that you forget it all! lol
Secret Pizza
The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
3708 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 698-7860


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