Wednesday, June 27, 2012

After a great lunch at Sushi Sam's, my friend and I were looking for a great dessert place to have some drinks and munch on some tasty treats while we continue to chat.  We hit a few rough patches because the first dessert place we went to was in a high end hotel and it was past their serving time.  Then the second place we found had no place to sit for us to enjoy the dessert and chat.  The next option my friend suggested that Satura Cakes is always a solid place so we headed down that way.
This was a grueling dessert search lol.  I think this is my first time in Los Altos really.  There were a ton of places that looked very interesting to try in this neighborhood.  If I wasn't so full from lunch, then I would hop around this area to explore all the tasty places that they have to offer.
Satura Cakes' motto is "Never Another Ordinary Bite."  Now the question is do their creations really live up to their motto?  To be honest, s'alright.  I didn't think it was mind blowing but definitely solid.  The presentation looked very tantalizing and everything was nicely decorated.
I love having my coffee speak to me and especially this one is smiling at me.  The teas are also packed in an over-sized sachet.
After a long debate, I decided to try the Classic Chocolate that's a mix of Swiss milk and dark chocolate mousse. On top were toasted diced almonds that give the cake an extra crunch.  The cake was thick and rich but I don't really think that it was anything special that truly stood out or would make me drool when I think about it.
My friend chose to have their Tiramisu, a traditional Italian dessert.  They advertised that this does not have nuts for those who may be allergic.  Although I am not sure why there would be nuts in here, but it is good for those who have never had Tiramisu to know.
 All in all the cakes were decent but I didn't think they were anything different or special.  They also have French macarons here.  I think their displays look very nice but taste wise, I was just okay.  If you are looking for a place to hang out with friends and chat, then this would be a good place.  The decor is very nice and classy.  A great place for people who need to study or to relax too.
Satura Cakes
200 Main St
Los Altos, CA 94022
(650) 948-3300
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