Thursday, June 7, 2012

First, let me say that no animals were harmed in this "Dog Breading" attempt.  Second, this is first of many attempts so all my friends with pets... beware of Kat! lol O=D
Since I found out that one of my friends has a new puppy, I had been plotting this breading!! lol Also, I wanted to play with the cute puppy.  Yes, I did shower her with hugs and love before proceeding to "bread" her.  I am still looking for a cat victim, I mean volunteer! I promise to bring treats or toys as a reward for the quick "breading". lol
We were having a barbecue and I was too lazy to really buy a loaf of bread, but I found some random wheat tortilla-like substitute.  I figured this would work since the puppy's face may be a little bit bigger than the bread and this may be easier.  Unlike videos that describe how they cut the face shape, I say it is simple... just pull or push the center part out! lol Of course I had some help from the family.  The twins and another friend were willing to help out and hold the cute puppy as I put the "bread" over her cute little face! We all were laughing at how cute she was but Nana, the Golden Retriever, was not dumb.  She started tilting her head around to start licking the bread and eventually trying to eat it! lol
What a cute and smart pup! She was all too happy with so many visitors around.  We had a great time at the barbecue.  She was running around and nibbling on all of us.  If only I recorded her classically tipping over a table with the marinated sauces.  Of course after the dishes crashed onto the concrete, she ran away fast.
Don't worry, she enjoyed her time.  Those Smirnoff Coolers were calling her like crazy! lol Nana couldn't wait to get her alcohol on!
All in all I am not counting this as an Official Dog Breading since I didn't use bread lol.  It's a test run! More to come.  Again, none of my friend's pets are safe... I am coming for you~! Filled with love of course! Again, no pets were harmed and Nana gave me lots of sweet kisses later.


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