Thursday, June 14, 2012

After a full day of eating in Vegas, I had to meet up with some friends and after all the talk about Holstein's shakes I had to stop by and top off.  At first we were going to try and sit down but I think everyone in the party was very full and I had planned another meal afterwards so we moved to the front area around the bar.  There you will find a very cute pink cow that represents the store! Moooooo! =)
The staff here is very friendly and where their funny t-shirts.  Yes, they can be purchased! You too can proudly where your milkshakes on your shirt or your shorts for all to see! And yes, I meant it in a dirty way. lol After all, we are in Vegas! After some peer pressure I got my pal and Ms. Lin to invest in those scandalous shirts! lol
Don't worry guys, they have shirts for you too.  They are proud of their meat here and the milkshakes that brings both the girls and boys to yard! It's great for a snack or just a drink.  A very chill place in the Cosmopolitan and the bartenders are very nice as well.
Three of us arrived first and we chose to go with the Bam-Boozled Shakes.  Hey, you are in Vegas and it is an unwritten rule that alcohol must always be present! lol I looked at the list and the Campfire Smores, $11, caught my eye.  I could not deny myself a sweet piece of tasty seared marshmallow to top of my drink! It's a mix of Smirnoff Marshmallow Vodka, Chocolate, Marshmallow, and Graham Crumble.  You couldn't really taste the alcohol and they give you the extra serving left in the mixing cup.  Yum! A great way to end the night or snack on a hot day.
Ms. Lin debated a while on which drink to choose and she ended up going with the Smoking Passion Float, $11.  This was really nice as it came out with the dry ice smoke that is very eye catching and crowd pleasing.  Tried to capture it in the photo with the smoke.  Oooh and Aaaah.
This was on the lighter side and voice of milk if you are lactose intolerant.  This would be a good choice for you.  In here there is Hanger One Mandarin Blossom Vodka, house-made Passion Fruit Soda, Lychee Sorbet, and Rose Water Meringues.  I liked the added touch meringues on top to finish off.  Again, the alcoholic taste was light and this was more refreshing as it is fruit based.
Drea chose the Pumpkin Pie, $11.  That was the other drink I was debating on and the three of us mixed well as we got to try the flavors that interested us most.  The reason I wanted this drink is because they have Bacon Maple Doughnut to finish off the drink.  They had me at bacon!!! lol The drink contains Pumpkin Pie Gelato, and Sapling Maple Liquor.  This was a nice seasonal drink but the pumpkin flavor didn't really do it for me.  I was glad that she got this drink so we could try the doughnut but drink wise... mehhh lol.  I would recommend the other two more, but all the drinks seem fun and you can switch it up by trying different ones.
All in all it was fun hanging out with friends and just chilling by the big pink cow.  Everyone there was friendly and the logos were fun.  I had to try and stop checking out people's chests and butts as I was trying to read what they said. lol  Now I have good blackmail photos on the both of them as I took pics of them trying it on.  Great memories! Whatever happens in Vegas, does not stay in Vegas if you pal has a camera ^_- lol.

Holsteins at The Cosmopolitan
3708 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 698-7940
 Holsteins (Cosmopolitan) on Urbanspoon


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