Thursday, May 17, 2012

My latest candy addiction is Milkita! I have had Milkita in the past but this time I just wanted more! They were giving them away as snacks at a Korean BBQ restaurant.  I kept grabbing some in my pocket and decided to look up where I could buy some while I was eating there.
The candy is not overly sweet.  You can start off by sucking on it for a little bit to get a taste of the flavor and then just start chomping away at the taffy like texture.  Who says you can't play with the food?  O=) The wrappers are also very adorable with a funny cow on it.  It's great for a little snack or even for little kids.  These candies are made in Indonesia and infused with Calcium, so you can use the "excuse" that it is good for you eat these candies lol. 
In fact, I have already got my huge shipment of sugar crack that I desired.  =D They have a few different kind of flavors : chocolate, banana, milk, strawberry, and honeydew.  I had to taste test a few times before I could decide which two flavors I wanted... it was like Sophie's choice! I debated between strawberry and milk.  There was no doubt that I wanted honeydew.  Now I have about ~600 pieces of Milkita milk candy and am definitely willing to share with my pals ^_- **hint hint**


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