Monday, May 28, 2012

I had seen my coworkers bring back some sandwiches from Sprouts Farmers Market.  The funny part is that it was the ugliest sandwich I had ever seen with a faux bread beret on top of the sandwich.  It was the oddest sandwich, so why would I want to try their sandwiches out?  Well you can't judge a book by its cover.  Even though the bread was hideous, the sandwich was filled to the brim with tasty ingredients.  Also, for some reason my coworker has also never been charged for the avocados they spread generously into her sandwich.
Finally one weekend I decided to stop in for a sandwich because it was the easiest thing to get for dinner after a tiring days work.  This was my first time there and first time ordering.  They have slips there that you can fill out with what you would like in your sandwich and how much of it inside as well.  I liked that it has that extra option of how much you would like.  The guy behind the counter was super friendly and said that he would take care of me.  He really did take care of me and filled my sandwich to the brim with ingredients.  Normally I am not a huge sandwich fan, but man was I drooling from all the tasty ingredients he added for me.  He was also very sweet to suggest a few treats that he loves.  This gigantic sandwich was only $4.49.  Here's the list of ingredients : Cheddar, Swiss, Tomatoes, Onions, Lettuce, Bacon, Avocado, Ham, Sprouts, and Turkey on Squaw Bread.  They don't have squaw listed as a bread choice but the guy told me that it was the best way to go and he was right!

You can make this into a meal by adding a dollar.  With that you get a bag of chips, a small side, and a bottle of water.  Not a bad deal I must say! Even my picky father agreed that it was a great deal after he saw my gigantically stuffed sandwich! Now that's saying something lol.  Since I had such a great first experience, I went back within a week or so for another helping.  Word to the wise, it really makes a difference who makes your sandwich because the lady who made my second sandwich charged me for every little thing and it was probably half the size of my first sandwich.  Note to self : Only look for him to take care of me! ^_-

Sprouts Farmers Market
3775 Alton Parkway  
Irvine, CA 92606
(949) 705-5435


Jan's Travel and Tours said...

It might be ugliest sandwhich but it seems to be very delicious.

Kat said...

Haha yah the sandwich was a mess but a yummy mess =)

I rather it be overflowing than skinny with no substance. O=D

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