Saturday, May 19, 2012

When was the last time I had a macaron?? Okay, maybe it was only a week or two ago but I had a hankering for some good ole macarons.  I did some research and found a local cafe that offered heart-shaped macarons! Score! I drove out to ROCQ Café for a tasty lunch.  Don't bother calling because they were either too busy or they don't pick up the phone lines because I couldn't get anyone on the phone.  I wanted to make sure they still had macarons before I go.  Nonetheless, I took the chance and drove out for lunch.
They have a nice case of treats and pre-made sandwiches along with their quiches.  I wanted to try their macarons most of all so I had to pass on the other tasty desserts in the case.  There was a bunch of stuff to choose from their menu.  I really wanted to have some quiche but I already read the warnings from other diners about how it is more "bite-sized" than a full meal.  Boy, were they not kidding.  No fear, I always over order and make sure I get to try everything I want on the first go.
After a long debate, I decided to go with the Quiche Lorraine made with bacon and Swiss cheese, $6.95, that comes with 2 sides.  They will put the quiche in the oven for you and heat it up.  I thought the quiche had a nice crust and was tasty... but... man it is tiny.  Even my best bud thought it was small.  For lunch, I might need a few to fill me up.  The quiche was well made but I have to say that the ones you buy at the supermarket are almost the same, like Nancy's.
For the sides, many people recommended their Orzo Salad.  They were running low but I asked if there was more and luckily they had another batch.  I thought this salad was a bit too bland for my liking.  My best bud taste tested for me as a backup opinion and agreed that it was too light.  Some bites had a hint of onion that added a kick.  I think they needed a lot more bits of onion to stimulate my tastebuds.
All their sides are veggies so the choices for me were very limited.  For both orders, I got the same 2 sides.  I thought the Potato Salad was not bad.  They had chopped jalapeños embedded in every bite, which gave it a kick. 
What I thought was really tasty was the Tri-Tip Sandwich, $10.95.  The lady who took my order recommended it and I was a little skeptical because I hate overcooked meat.  This was actually very nicely seasoned and flavored.  The tri-tip was mixed with onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, and chipotle mayo.  I thought the beef was tender and everything came together in a nice bite.  There was a nice spicy after kick.
The only thing I would complain about this sandwich was because it was an oily mess.  I liked the chewiness of the bread mixed with the tenderness of the meats and vegetables, but after every bite drops of orange-reddish oil would drip down.  By the time I finished the sandwich, my entire hand was drenched in oil.  It was a bit much, but I didn't really mind it since I had a napkin and the flavors were very smokey and tasty.
Now onto the main attraction that brought me here... the macarons.  Call me a sucker but I love it when my food talks to me or comes in cute/funky shapes.  They have heart-shaped French macarons for $1.70 and normal circular shaped ones for $1.60.  Maybe I should have woken up earlier for more flavors because by the time I went, there were only a few kinds left.  I grabbed all the different varieties. 
To be honest, they were not bad but not great macarons.  The texture was a bit softer than what I like, but the good thing was that I could let it sit an extra day for the outer shell to firm up.  O=) I didn't quite like the chocolate mint because it tasted like toothpaste a little bit to me.
The heart was the most fun to eat and I enjoyed the rich chocolate flavor.  I love being a heart-breaker =D Oh I mean breaking the heart macarons in half to share with a pal.... right? lol
For lunch, they were actually pretty packed and seems to be a local favorite.  It's not a bad place to get away from work and to enjoy lunch.  They try to create a peaceful garden like feel.  Considering the area, it's nice to find a little cafe tucked away here.
All in all I enjoyed it but it was a bit pricey for lunch.  My total bill came out to about $30 and ummm that was all just for me! lol O=) Next door is Round Tables Pizza with an All You Can Eat Lunch Buffet for only $5.99 per person... hmmmmmm....
22722 Lambert St
Lake Forest, CA 92630
(949) 916-0722
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