Monday, May 21, 2012

On my last trip to Italy, I made it my goal to find the best gelato that Italy (Italia) has to offer.  The first trip I ever took to Italy, I couldn't find any good gelato in Venice but that was 4 years ago.  Maybe I didn't look too hard to find them but since I was going to be in Italy for some long, the goals have changed and I am a different foodie now.  Back then I never even picked up a camera and hated that Ms. Lin made me take pictures.  How times have changed, huh?  It's rare that I am ever without a camera and good food nowadays =).
I tried to do some research before I left for my trip as well as follow up research when I had free wi-fi.  Everyone highly recommended Grom and I had to stop by to see what all the fuss is about.  There's one location on the main street of Corso Buenos Aires.
We passed by on our way to the Duomo but headed straight for the church.  Instead of taking public transportation to the tourist site, we walked all the way there and it took quite a while before reaching the destination.  Stopping by at Grom was the best reward for a full day of sight-seeing.
Even though it wasn't dinner time nor should it have been a busy time, but there was a line out the door for Grom throughout the day.  No like the present, right?  We decided to line up since it looked like they were always going to be busy when we walk by.  The line moves pretty smoothly and just think that it will be worth it at the end.  Tons of people who love gelato are squeezing inside, but the treat is its own reward.
There wasn't too much of a language barrier and they were willing to help.  It's best if you know what flavors you might like as there were tons of choices. They have all the flavors listed outside the door for patrons to look over before ordering.  All their gelatos are stored individually in metal containers, which a bit different from the normal presentation.
Maybe this time I wasn't greedy enough as I only go the smaller cone.  It's the same price for having your gelato in a cup or a cone, so why not have it on a nice cone.  Ever since my first trip to Venice, years back, I was a bit shy to try new gelato places.  Looking back, I wish I got a few cones to enjoy all the seasonal flavors.
I chose the Nocciola with Tonda Gentile Hazelnuts and the Caramello al Sale, which was caramel and Himalayan pink salt.  The salted caramel was a tad too sweet for me but still a nice texture.  I thought the real winner was their special type of hazelnuts used for the nocciola.  The rich flavors came emanating through the velvety texture of the gelato.  It's definitely not your ordinary hazelnut gelato.  I know that they have locations in NYC and in So Cal now, but I wonder if it can compare to the flavors of Italy (Italia).
They had some tasty Biscotti di Battifollo in the jars by the gelato bar that looked very inviting and tasty.  They were only .30 € per piece.  I grabbed one for my cone.  The biscotti turned out to be really tasty, but I am not willing to line up again for an extra snack.  Next time I will be sure to by some extra just in case I like it and won't have to stand in line.  Instead of a biscotti, it really tasted like a shortbread cookie.
All in all, I really enjoyed the gelato at Grom.  It left a lasting impression in my mind.  I don't know if I really liked Milan (Milano), Italy (Italia) because there were a lot of ups and downs, but Grom's gelato helped a ton.  Maybe I will have to trek out to Malibu for some.  After looking at the pictures and thinking about Italy, I am getting hungry! Ciao =D
Corso Buenos Aires, 13 - 20124
Milano - Ph. +39 02.20520104


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